Edinburgh and Its Love For Festivals

Edinburgh’s love of festivals means you are presented with a phenomenal number of events, performances and spectacles to choose from. With so many options you might find it tough to decide what you want to see so here is a look at five of the festivals taking place each year.

One of the most popular events on Edinburgh’s festival calendar is the International Festival which usually takes place during the month of August, the busiest month of the year when it comes to festivals.

Edinburgh International Festival offers a varied array of classical music, theatre, opera and dance events and is one of the most important cultural celebrations to take place in the world.

Second on the list is Edinburgh’s International Film Festival which has, for more than half a century, presented some of cinemas most significant and exciting moments and played host to the world’s greatest filmmakers.

The film festival presents films and events carefully selected by those in the know and this festival is a must-see for any film fans out there. Sir Sean Connery, Tilda Swinton and Robert Carlyle are all Patrons of Edinburgh’s International Film Festival and if you are lucky you might just spot a famous face when you are there.

In at third place is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts Festival in the world. A medley of theatre, comedy, dance, music and street performers makes this an event which must be experienced to be believed.

The city itself is transformed during the Fringe Festival and entertainment in all shapes and forms fills the capital city’s cobbled streets. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is host to over 31,000 performances, 2000 shows and 18,000 performers who entertain more than 1.5 million people in 250 venues across the city.

Edinburgh International Book Festival is another popular event on the calendar and is the largest book festival of its kind, with over 700 world-class writers and scholars taking part in more than 800 events every year.

Thousands of visitors of all ages visit the Book Festival, which is held in August, to debate and discuss the latest offerings and, of course, to meet their favorite authors.

In at fifth place is Hogmanay, the New Year festival which is best known for the New Year’s Eve street party which attracts upwards of 120,000 people every year. The largest New Year event in the world there is a range of celebrations and activities for all ages and Edinburgh certainly makes a special destination from which to see in the year ahead.

There are of course another seven festivals taking place throughout the year, from science to arts and jazz to storytelling so whatever your taste and interest you can be sure to find a festival to fit the bill.

Edinburgh hotels are as varied as the festivals themselves and there are several options to suit all tastes and budgets. During the busy festival months accommodation does tend to be in demand so book early to avoid missing out on the fun.