Eecb Tried To Gets Hp To Replace Laptop Pass Off As Water-damaged By EECB Tried To Get HP To Replace Laptop Pass Off As Water-Damaged
Nearly a year ago, I purchased an HP Mini 110 from HP for $ 300 plus tax and shipping. Nine months later the keyboard and mouse stopped functioning. I called HP because the netbook was still under warranty. The first person that I spoke to had me test a few things and then agreed to send me a box within the next few days so I could send the netbook for repair, free of charge. The next day, the box arrived, and on the sheet to be included I noted both the keyboard/mouse issue. I drove all the way to FedEx and sent the box off to HP.

I decided to check the online status of my repair every day. The day that I was expected to receive it back I did not, so that evening I called HP. The representative apologized to me for the delay and said that the netbook had in fact been repaired and that all they needed to do was install the operating system and they would send it back to me, that I should expect it within three days. I made sure to ask her So, you mean that my netbook is now working properly and once the OS is installed it will be sent to me in good working order?, and told me that it would. Satisfied, I waited for the next three days with baited breath, excited to get it back and be able to use it again. Instead, three days later I checked the online status again to see the expected delivery date was now gone and there was a repair balance due of over $ 300. I almost passed out.
Again I contacted HP, this time asking about the huge balance due and when I would receive my netbook. This representative told me that the tech had found some unknown damage inside the laptop and they had to figure out what it was and that was causing a delay, but that it would be repaired for free and the $ 300+ charge was a system error. I asked her how all of a sudden there was unknown damage inside of the laptop if they had already repaired it as I was told before and she said she did not know, she was just reading the tech notes. She asked me to give the techs three days to examine the issue and to call them back if I didnt hear anything. I didnt want to get them mad; I wanted them to help me, so I didnt freak out. I waited yet another three days.

After the next three days passed, I called HP again to inquire about my netbook. Especially since the $ 300+ charge was STILL showing up on the online status. This time I was informed that the charge was not an error, it was there because apparently the techs found water damage inside the laptop and that water damage is not covered under my regular warranty; I needed a warranty for accidental damage. At this time I got aggravated because I am adamant about being careful with electronics and I baby them to the point where others probably think Im demented. There was NO WAY that I had water damaged the netbook. I explained that to the representative and again asked her how it was all of a sudden water damaged when they had already claimed to have repaired it. She said she had no idea but could send me pictures of the damage. She tried to get me to look to a point where some tape that was holding a cable down had come undone. She said that was caused by water damage. That doesnt even make sense. Seems to me like some tech accidentally pulled it and broke the tape or something similar, because water wouldnt pull a cable out and I had never opened the netbook for any reason.

At this point, she refused to do anything other than tell me they would be able to go ahead and repair the netbook for $ 300+ and that was the most she could offer. I asked to speak to a manager, who basically told me the same thing. He also went as far as telling me if I purchased the accidental warranty for $ 150, I could then send it in to be repaired that way. I refused, I had already paid $ 300+ for the netbook. I asked to speak to his manager, and he said he would get one and he did. I spoke to the manager who surprised me by listening to the entire story again, agreeing with me, and then offering to repair the netbook for free. I thought I had finally won this battle! Alas, he told me that he would have to transfer me to a case manager because they were the only ones who could request the free repair. I asked the manager if he could please make sure to explain everything to the case manager so that I wouldnt have to go through it yet again, and he said that he would make sure to do so. I waited on hold for approximately ten minutes. provide high quality laptop batteries & laptop adapters supply high quality ac adapters, laptop power adapters, laptop batteries, notebook batteries, Dell laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries, HP laptop batteries, Acer laptop batteries, Sony laptop batteries, HP laptop ac adapters, Dell laptop ac adapters, Toshiba laptop ac adapters for USA laptop users. All batteries and laptop power adapters are Brand New, Manufacturer Warranty and Customer Service Commitment!

Finally, a case manager answers the phone. I asked him if the person who transferred me to him explained my situation and he replied that he had not. After a vein in my neck popped out, I calmly explained the situation yet AGAIN and told him that the manager had agreed to repair my netbook at no charge. He said that he was not told any of that, and that whoever told me that did not have authority to promise any free repairs, the case managers are the only ones who are able to do so. After asking him if he would do so, he refused. Even after all the notes on my account (but how am I to even know what is there?) and telling him the whole story, he flat out refused to repair the netbook because of the supposed water damage. After arguing with him for thirty minutes or longer and finally realizing that he was determined to not help me, I finally ended the call.
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Drink the Water – Justin Cross

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Original short film, “The Blackwater Gospel”:

(Verse One)
I know of sin by the things momma prayed
I know of heaven by the line at it’s gate
I know of truth and America’s way
Come drink the water if you want to be saved

(Verse Two)
Don’t drink the water if it’s not from my stream
It’s all still water if it’s not flowing free
Don’t drink the water at the watering hole
If you ain’t got money, it can’t save your soul

And all God’s people said amen
And all God’s people said amen

(Verse Three)
I know of sin by the things momma prayed
I know of heaven by the line at it’s gate
I know of truth and America’s way
Come drink the water if you want to be saved

And all God’s people said amen
And all God’s people said amen

(Verse Four)
Nobody prays unless they lose a son
Don’t believe in God till a war’s to be won
I know of lies by the truths I’ve been told
The biggest one is that we’re not growing old

(Verse Five)
It’s not a sin if it can’t make me cry
He’s not the devil unless there’s fire in his eyes
It ain’t the ghost if it don’t speak in tongue
It’s not a victory ’till the battles been won

All God’s people said amen
All God’s people said amen

Animation taken from the superb short film “The Backwater Gospel”:
Bo Mathorne – Director, CGA
Esben Jacob Sloth – Art director, CGA
Rie Nymand – Production manager, Animator, CA
Tue Toft Sørensen -Animator, Sound and Anim. Sup., CA
Martin Holm-Grevy – Environment lead, CGA
Mads Simonsen – Pipeline and technical director, CGA
Arthur Gil Larsen – Lead animator and animator, CA
Thomas Grønlund – Animator and Animatic supervisor, CA

Edited by Josh Powers