Effective Loss of Appetite Herbal Treatment and Cure

Loss of appetite simply means that desire to eat food is decreased. A person suffering from this disorder does not feel to eat even though they have not eaten enough to supply body its basic calorie needs. Everybody lose their appetite at some point. It is caused due to the factors related to both physical and emotional. Normally loss of appetite does not last more than two or three days. But if it lasts for more than mentioned days, it might be due to some serious medical conditions or simply due to some faulty habits we perform subconsciously.

These faulty habits are mentioned ahead. Improving these habits might be the simplest and most effective treatment for loss of appetite. Snacking between meals may lead to some liver diseases, and then towards loss of appetite. Drinking alcoholic beverages or intake of tobacco can be the cause of this disorder. Those people who are suffering from any severe illness or gastrointestinal disorder can also suffer from this disorder. Certain medications may lead to loss of appetite.

Some emotional causes can also be responsible. Depression is the biggest cause for raising this disorder. Chronic depression can reduce the appetite. Most common cause for the lack of appetite is stress. Anyone who is passing through the period of stress may not feel to eat. When these psychological causes are treated, person may start to eat properly. Whenever our mind is troubled for longer time period, it affects our digestive system and leads us to certain disorder such as loss of appetite.

Like any other disorder, this disorder also shows some symptoms. Fatigue and dizziness might be due to lack of certain nutrients, and needed calories. In some cases person may feel pain in any part of the body. Sense of taste is also affected in this disorder. Never neglect the lack of appetite and treat it as soon as possible. This disorder decreases the normal level of immunity and body will be vulnerable towards smallest infections and diseases. There are many home remedies that can help to retain the appetite.

1. Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of ginger juice added with one tablespoon of lime juice. Ginger and lime are great appetizers and they are effective to treat this debilitating disorder.

2. Active ingredients of garlic are very effective in loss of appetite disorder. It will stimulate the digestive glands. Have garlic soup every day to increase the hunger.

3. Juice of coriander leaves is the most effective home remedy for loss of appetite. Have 30 grams of juice everyday.

4. When loss of appetite is due to chronic fever, eat large raisins with black pepper and salt. It will sharpen the appetite.

5. This traditional remedy will be very helpful. Take some roasted caraway seeds and grind them. Sprinkle some salt to taste. Take half teaspoon of this mixture with water after having meal.

Fruits and vegetables regulate the digestive function. Healthy digestive system will improve the appetite. Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables for gradual recover of appetite. Reduce the level of stress to improve the function of digestive system. Avoid faulty eating habits as it will lead you towards many chronic disorders. It is well known that tobacco and alcohol can lead to many mortal diseases. So improvement in such harmful habits is recommended.

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