Effective Marketing for Your Live Event

Live events are a great addition to any online business product range. They are an opportunity for your clients and prospects to meet you face-to-face – excellent for continuing to build solid relationships. Once you have set your date and worked out all the details of the live event (name, duration, location, cost, format, bonus items, etc), you need to create a marketing plan, so that you can schedule all the relevant activities promoting the event. This can seem quite overwhelming, so think about and schedule time to:

Email everyone on your list

Send messages to everyone on your list telling them about the event. You should also send further reminders, as people tend to sign up at the last possible moment.

Include it in your newsletter

Include the information in your newsletter several times – include details of the event and tell people why they should attend.

Tweet about it

Tell your followers but make sure you don’t constantly sell the event, mix it in with your other tweets.

Include it on Facebook

In much the same way as with Twitter, you can post your link on your Facebook page, either in your status or as a recommended link.

Have it on your email signature

Include a postscript on your email messages – just think how many emails you send out each day that could be mentioning your event.

Include it on your website

Mention your event on your home page, or news and events page.

Mention it on your blog

Promote the event on your blog as well as your website.

Create joint-venture partners

Team up with other people to promote your event. This works really well with people who have the same target market as you, but with whom you are not in direct competition. The key to a successful live event is to deliver great content, so attendees can see the value in what you offer and will buy your other products without hesitation. And, remember your video camera to capture those live testimonials that you can use on your website and to promote future events!

About the Author Emma Walker is a co-founder of Academy for Online Business, a company devoted to help


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