Egg’s Five Healthy Functions

Nutritionists have made a new comment on egg’s nutritional value and health function. To sum up, there are five aspects: such as, the calcium of egg would increase when eggs are processed into salted eggs, the content of calcium would increase from the 55mg in hectogram mg to 512mg, and it is nearly ten times of that in fresh eggs. Egg is the ideal natural food for people, but we should make a scientific eating habit.

The lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol and vitellolutein in egg yolk has a significant role in the development of the nervous system and physical development. Lecithin can release the sinkaline after the digestion by our body, and sinkaline that can reach our brain through blood. And thus, it can help to prevent the elderly from intellectual deterioration, and improve memory of people in all age groups. Therefore, it is helpful to take one or two eggs a day whether the young or the middle-aged to maintain a good memory.

Secondly, the protein that egg contains has a repairing function on liver damage. The lecithin that contained in egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cell. Also, it can improve the content of plasma protein of our body, and thus enhance the body’s metabolism and immune function.

Egg can also prevent arteriosclerosis. The U.S nutritionists and medical workers use eggs to prevent arteriosclerosis, and won an unexpected effect. They extract lecithin from eggs, walnuts and liver and let patients who are suffering from cardiovascular eat 4 to 6 tablespoons a day. And after three months, the content of serum cholesterol in the patients’ body fell from the thousand percent mg to one hundred and eighty percent. This research finding has attracted the attention of the entire medical circle.

Egg is also rich in vitamin B2, which can decompose and oxidize the carcinogenic in our body. The trace elements that egg contains such as, selenium and zinc have anti-cancer effect. According to the analysis of human cancer mortality, we can find that the cancer mortality is inversely proportional to the intake of selenium.

Besides, egg can also delay senility. Egg contains almost all of the nutrients that human need, so, it is called the ideal nutrition database by people. Nutritionist called egg as the complete protein model, and the secret that many people can live longer is to eat an egg every day. BOLA TANGKAS