Egyptian Adventures from – On your Own, On A Budget Or With The Family?

Egyptian Adventures come in many guises and what appeals to one person will be a total anathema to another. Some will cruise down the Nile, others will lie on a beach and a few will venture into the desert.
For many novice travellers the adventure will begin as they try to negotiate the intricacies of Cairo airport and the plethora of touts all offering to lend a helping hand to jump the queues, for monetary award of course.  Then they face the horror that is Cairo traffic and the fact that you take your life into your own hands just trying to cross the road!  Hopefully they will look beyond these things and realise that Egypt is a wonderfully diverse country with some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world.
The Nile is the very life blood of Egypt and to sail along it visiting the numerous archaeological sites is an adventure in itself. You can see Luxor , the Valley of the Kings and the Temples of Karnak, Kom  Ombo and Edfu ,Aswan and if your time permits the legendary Abu Simbel. You can opt to travel in 5 star luxury on one of the many cruisers that ply up and down the river but for the more adventurous why not try sailing in a felucca.
The feluccas which carry between 8 and 12 passengers are traditional Egyptian wind powered sail boats which are manned by local sailors, who in addition to piloting the vessels prepare all the food. The decks are strewn with cushions, which is where you will sit and eat during the day, and sleep at night. Make sure you take both a sleeping bag/sheet and a towel.
If the desert appeals to you more than the river it is possible to join 4×4 tours which take you into the white desert for a Western Egypt adventure. These are normally escorted by Bedouin guides and visit the oasis towns of Farafra, Dakhla, Al Kharga and Baris. You will almost certainly be given the opportunity to spend some time on a camel safari and sleep under the stars. You will again need a sleeping bag and a towel.
If walking is more your forte why not join a trek in Sinai?  Several of these tours start in Cairo and use 4×4’s again with Bedouin guides. Whilst you will ride for some of the journey you will be expected to trek for between 2 and 4 hours per day. These treks are considered to be fairly challenging considering both the sand and the rocky terrain and you need to be in good physical condition.
If a beach holiday is the only type of holiday you consider, you can still be active. The Red Sea is considered to have some of the finest reefs in the world and whether you scuba dive or just snorkel from the resorts of Hurghada or Marsa Alam on the mainland or Sharm El Sheikh in Sinai you will have access to the most amazing dive sites.
If you have the time, it is possible to combine any or all of these tours into one long Egyptian adventure. Whatever you decide to do you will not forget your visit.

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