Electrical Milk Separator Advantages

Every day modern technologies development gives the world new means increasing comfort and life quality. But at the same time the question arises, are advertisement promises the same as a reality. Particularly, if we speak about food.Only few people can say with no doubt that buying milk in a shop they buy natural and useful food.Therefore people try to create their own small subsidiary plots where they can get 100% naturally products.Nowadays you can find at market a wide selection of household devices used to get various food products.Separators are one of the most popular and useful among such devices.

A man in a thousand does not like such products as sour cream, cottage cheese or skim milk.All these delicacies you can make at home using only separator.Electrical separator of a household model is a small aggregate with a weight up to 10 kg.It is designed for separation of milk into cream and skim milk.Than deposit and impurities are being removed form the working mass.So the product received is absolutely cleaned of any pollutants.One of the main indications to use electrical separators is cream to skim milk ratio. Some separators allow regulating this ratio, so you can control cream and skim milk fat status.Other important characteristics are device capacity, cup volume and rotor speed.It should be pointed out that you can find at market both electrical and mechanical (manual) separators.The difference is only in a drive type. The principles of work and all other functions of separators are almost the same.

Main electrical separator component is its frame, on which rotor is placed.There is also electrical drive in the frame. Separator equipped with a special intake/output system to supply milk and output the end product.Some separators are equipped with engines not using contact brushes.That highly increases device dependability and allows its using during the large period of time.Material of various manufacturers’ separator components can differ.But it is mostly stainless steel, aluminium alloys and highly robust plastic.

Electrical cream separators are work due to the density difference law and centrifugal force. Whole milk contains fat particles. Density of such fat balls is lower than the water part of milk.When milk is getting into the spinning rotor, centrifugal force forces it against periphery.Since the skim milk density is higher than fat density, skim milk is forced against the rotor area much closer, displacing fat particles into the middle. Then the cream and skim milk are outputted into the different reservoirs through the special holes.

There are a number of distinguishes by which separators can be divided into the groups.Also separators can be divided into household and industrial, manual or with electrical drive; they are distinguished by the rotor cleaning method or intake/output system type.

In the process of operation flight appears at the internal rotor area. It consists of milk impurities and deposits. Such flight should be periodically removed for the normal work of separator.By the method of rotor decontamination separators are divided into the separators with manual cleaning, self-loading separators and separators with continuous cleaning.

In case of manual cleaning, work of separator should be stopped in order to avoid accidents.  Then the rotor should be opened and cleaned of the flight.It is the most primitive cleaning method. And the periodically stopping work of separator affects on its capability.Self-loading electrical separators allow removing deposit without stopping work.All the process will only few seconds. In case of continuous rotor cleaning contaminants are being removed with the system of special nozzles.

Depend on construction of adding milk and outputting system separators are divided into electrical separators with open, semi-closed and closed intake/output system.

In separators with open system working mass always contacts with air.All the process takes place without using pressure and additional equipment.In case of device with semi-closed system, milk is being added through the special pipe but also without pressure.Separated mass is being outputted through the special pipe where the pressure is generated by a centrifuge.In the separators with closed intake/output system both intake and output are performed with pipe where the pressure is generated by a compressor.In such case there is no air access to the rotor.

Among all advantages of the electrical drive the main advantage is operability of such separator.Unlike manual separator its work does not require huge owner’s efforts.All you need is to press the button. As a result capability increases.When using brushless electrical drives, separator can work large period of time without stopping.

Electrical separator is a good helper at home.Operability and non-expensiveness make it attractive for many families.Very often separators are used to increase a storage time of milk products, processing excess milk into the cream, sour cream and etc.The products made with it will be really taste and useful for all the family. BOLA TANGKAS