Elegant Simplicity And Three Tips To Letting Go Of Your Emotional Baggage

This article has two parts. Part one is on letting go of your emotional baggage. Part two is about living a life of elegant simplicity.

Part 1–Letting Go:

You know how heavy emotional baggage can be. Sometimes it seems to be the sole focus of your life. And, how useless is it for people to tell you, “Let it go.” I’ve always thought that was silly advice. If you could easily “let it go,” you’d have done so by now!

Here are three quick tips for helping you release the weight of excess emotional baggage.

Tip #1: Recognize that your negative focus comes at a real cost. It costs you time, joy and energy – physical, spiritual, emotional energy. And you only have so much a day, my friend.

Tip #2: Figure out what you’ll replace your emotional baggage with. Do not overlook this step. You’ve heard it before: “Nature abhors a vacuum.” If you release negative energy, you’re going to have a ton of time on your hands. How will you spend it?

Bonus to Tip #2: You might want to consider all the cool things you can do for yourself and others once you gain your energy back.

Tip #3: Once you do decide to release this burden, and that’s the way I urge you to think of it, as “letting the burden down,” you may find yourself feeling guilty that you invested so much time and energy in something that you had absolutely no control over than brought you down.

When my coaching clients have asked in the past, “How do I let go, Crystal? It’s so hard.” I understand. It can be hard. But sometimes, the harder action is not in choosing to put the emotional baggage down, but in forgiving yourself that it took you so long to do so.

Forgive yourself. Your wonderful life awaits you.

Part 2 Elegant Simplicity:

Letting go of emotional baggage and forgiving yourself is a big part of living a great life! And once you have this down, how about considering simplifying your life.

To me, this means creating a life that’s both easy and lovely. Letting go of excess, whether that’s clutter or emotional baggage.

Think about what physical items in your living space (home, apartment, whatever it may be) truly have value. Consider letting go of items that are functional, but you simply don’t use them anymore.

This is an especially good time of year to contribute your extra items to thrift stores.

Consider this, because of your openness to letting go, someone else will be able to buy something wonderful at a price they can afford. They feel good because they earned the money to buy the items themselves.

You feel good because you made that possible.

Do you know you actually get a rush of the “feel good” hormone when you give? Ahhh, life is good.

It helps to release the clutter when you keep picturing how happy someone else will be when they buy your items.

And, your home will be less cluttered, and easier on your eyes, your heart and your soul. BOLA TANGKAS