Eliminate Acne on Chest Forever – FAQ’s and Answers About Acne on Chest and How to Beat It!

As if it wasn’t enough to have to worry about pimples on your face! Now you have acne on chest, back, and other parts of your body and all you know is you want it gone now! The following article will explore some of the most common questions about chest acne and provide you with some tips to start eliminating it today.

Q. What causes chest acne?

A. If you talk to one hundred different doctors you are bound to get many different answers to that questions. The truth is that no one knows for sure what causes one person to get chest and someone else not to. There are several things that we know contribute to the problem including diet, heredity, environment and hygiene.
The bottom line is that the things listed above can all cause your pores to clog which allows bacteria to build up and show as acne on chest.

Q.Can I use the same treatment for my chest acne as I use for my face?

A.The problem with using the same medications on your chest that you use on your face is that the pores on your chest are way different than the pores on your face.
When drug companies develop acne treatments and cures they spend lots of time and money making sure the product is as good as possible for the face.Using your face treatment for your chest won’t hurt anything but it’s unlikely to help much either.

Q.What is the best way to get rid of my chest acne?

A.There is a new cure or cream invented everyday that claims to get rid of that acne forever. The truth that most people don’t want to hear and doctor’s don’t want to tell you is that diet and proper water intake is the number one way to start eliminating zits immediately.
They don’t want to tell you this because proper diet and water intake does not sell well and once you learn how to do it right you no longer need any fancy creams.

These are three of the biggest questions that come up concerning body acne. If you follow the proper diet and don’t keep burning your hard earned money on the next miracle cream, you too eliminate acne on chest for good.