Eliminating the Bad to Be Thin – Using the Elimination Diet Plan

Elimination diet is a specialized plan that caters to the specific demands of each person’s health. It ranges from triggering weight loss to preventing the onset of food allergy symptoms. Elimination diet for food sensitivities is established on the actual principles of preventing the onset allergy symptoms caused by certain types of foods or allergens. Food allergens may differ from one person to another depending on an individual’s level of sensitivity. Nonetheless, there are certain types of foods that usually pop-up as allergens.

These include the following:

– Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt
– Eggs, egg-based food products and egg-containing foods
– Gluten-containing foods such as bread, pasta and wheat-based products
– Citrus fruits
– Peanut and peanut-derived products
– Tree nuts such as walnut and cashew
– Fish and shellfish
– Soy

Other types of elimination diets serve various purposes. Among them are the following:

Fasting — This diet completely removes all types of sustenance for several days except water and other fluids. This may last for a few days to a month depending on the endurance and purpose of the dieter.

Detoxification – This employs the properties of detoxifying foods and fluids that are believed to cleanse the body off its toxins and waste materials. It therefore eliminates the foods that have excessive amounts of chemicals and toxins that prevent the digestive system from functioning normally.

Lamb-and-Pears Elimination — And its variations work under the same principle: restricting food choices to only one or two types of foods for several days. Food combinations are often selected according to the specific properties of foods such as thermogenic properties and others.

Rare-Food – This plan makes use of not-so-common food groups that are typically perceived as exotic.

Regular Elimination — This is the standard formula for elimination plan, which allows all types of healthy food groups while eliminating the bad stuff such as fat, lean meat, and carbohydrate-laden foods to achieve weight loss.