Elise Overland Designer Clothing

Elise Overland Designer Clothing
Elise Overland’s career in the fashion industry has been quite amazing. It has included the Norwegian designing Aerosmith’s costumes for their videos. The influence of her rock and roll roots is evident in her women’s fashion. However, Elise Overland fashion also maintains its femininity. As a youngster, Elise dreamed of becoming a professional skier. Thus, athletic clothing from the 1970s has also inspired her fashion creations.
Elise Overland produces clothing lines that include a wide array of different items. Leather has become a particular hallmark of her fashion.
Here are some of the key features of fashion from Elise Overland:
1. Practicality
One impressive feature of Overland’s fashion is that they have a rock and roll edge, though maintain a feminine essence and functionality. This helps her clothing to remain practical. That is definitely one of the most important features of women’s clothing today. As Elise Overland herself has indicated, her goal is to create clothing that suits the wearer’s day-to-day lifestyle, rather than creating “science-fiction clothes.”
2. Innovation
While Overland wants her fashion creations to be practical, she’s also interested in creating innovative fashion. This includes every aspect of the process, from the design to the shows. Elise Overland is interested in creating an overall experience for her customers.
3. Contrast
That has become one of the hallmarks of fashion created by Elise Overland. On one hand, she’s interested in maintaining a rock and roll edge that honors her Aerosmith roots. On the other hand, Overland strives for her fashion line to maintain a feminine elegance.
4. Passion
According to Overland, when creating a piece of clothing, she begins with a feeling. From that feeling, she begins to sculpt the fabric until she’s able to create an aura via the fashion. Through this process, her goal is to create an article of clothing that represents an archetype. In other words, instead of creating a specific article of clothing, Overland strives to create clothing that represents a particular emotion. This approach is much different from the one that most designers use.
5. Naturalism
Overland has stated that when she searches for fabrics, she looks for organic ones. Such fabrics help to create a particular emotion. Although organic fabrics have become increasingly more popular, not every designer is interested in beginning with an organic fabric-and then creating fashion from that fabric.
6. Accountability
Elise Overland takes a hands-on approach to operating her fashion company. This includes every step of the fashion-designing process. Other fashion designers certainly participate in the creation of their clothing. However, Elise Overland is particularly interested in ensuring that her fashion is top-notch. However, there are no lone wolves. Overland has also received support from her high-profile friends, who have contributed to the high quality of her fashion. This has further helped Overland to manufacture high-caliber clothing.
Unquestionably, Elise Overland has become a leader in the world of high fashion. She seems to have found the perfect balance of rock and roll edginess, and feminine elegance. The result is outstanding fashion.