Elizabeth Revelely Radical Self Care – Body Spirit and Mind in Tune With Breathing and Water

I just had the most amazing session in what people call self care or radical self care but I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. The thought that the simple things like breathing, water and thought could turn ones life around was one that I couldn’t grasp until I checked it out.

So I went for an hour consultation to meet a radical self care specialist here in Hawaii and right off the bat, she made me fell relaxed just based on her presence. She sat me down and started to point out that the way I was breathing or lack thereof was the first step to a better life.

After explaining to me the aspect of breathing correctly, we proceeded to do an exercise with the diaphragm. It was completely amazing. I didn’t realize how much I was restricting my breathing/flow of oxygen to my body with a tense diaphragm.

Then we spent time on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the power of water and how it is the single most underrated bit of information among the public. She told me that water is life and that many take it for granted and don’t drink enough of it to keep the body completely hydrated. The main reason for that is that there are so many “water substitutes” that stimulate the sense of taste (soda, flavored drinks) that people are not interested in water.

And finally, the power of choice. I think we all struggle with some kind of faith in the power of thought. She spent time and talked to me about the power of thought in a way were she herself seemed to be in such command of. She didn’t talk about the power of thought for things like money and wealth but for peace of mind. From what she had been talking to me about I had my own break-through and realized that on the surface, the power of thought pertained to will-power; the one thing that seems to be my biggest challenge.

I guess to write this is to let me know that I have accepted what I thought was a fad type movement as a way of life. The form of radical self care was not so much radical as it was an understanding that we as a people have gone way beyond the scope of self maintenance with seeking quick fixes instead of techniques that we were born with and already know.