Eminem VS Mariah Carey – Can Mariah Win? – Part 2

In part I of this 2 part article I explained how the beef started between Superstar rapper Eminem and R&B songstress Mariah Carey and Husband Nick Cannon. When we last left off Mariah had just released a seemingly diss track titled “Obsessed” in which she shot a video for where she played a stalker character that resembled Eminem. Was this a big mistake on Carey’s behalf?

I ask this question because a few weeks after the “Obsessed video hit the internet, Eminem responded with a no holds barred verbal assault called “The Warning”. In the song Eminem goes in to graphic detail relating to him and Mariah’s encounters. He also calls out Nick basically daring him to respond. In the song Eminem indicated that if either one of them said anything else that he will reveal some more dteails about their encounters including some photos.

After “The Warning” many wonder how Mariah and Nick will respond or even if they will even respond at all. In my opinion Carey has only 2 options.

1. Completely ignore the situation. She would have to almost act like she doesn’t even know who Eminem is. That means no more diss tracks or referring to him at all in interviews. I may seem lame at first, but after a while it will make her look like she is above all of this petty stuff. This also applies to Cannon as well. He would have to completely disengage from the whole situation. This does seem like this would be awfully hard for either of them to do considering “The Warning” and what was said in it.

2. Get backup. Mariah would need to find some well known rappers who maybe have or have had dome problems with Eminem and who are not afraid to hit below the belt. I suggest this because I feel that Mariah actually singing diss tracks are just wack. If anything,she can maybe sing the hook on a diss track while real rappers give it to Eminem on the song. I personally recommend that she just talk at the end of the diss song. She should say something pretty shocking that really makes Eminem look foolish.

These are these are the only 2 options that I feel that Mariah has. Although I feel that option 2 would be a lot more entertaining