Emperor Angelfish : Care And Specifications Of Pomacanthus Imperator

The emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus Imperator) is one particular of the three most popular “massive” angelfish in the marine aquarium hobby. The french angelfish and the queen angelfish make up the remaining two. It is the most common angelfish in the genus Pomacanthus. It is also recognized as the Imperator Angelfish.

1 of the most distinctively colored marine angelfish, its dark blue physique is streaked by yellow lines, whilst it wears a black mask across its eyes. Its tail is either yellow or orange. Juvenile Emperor angelfish are just as beautiful. Its deep blue body is lined with white concentric circles.

The emperor angel is discovered all through the Indo-Pacific and can be also be located in the red sea. As juveniles, Emperor angelfish supply cleaning services to other fish in the wild. They will consistently choose at any parasites it might discover on the bodies of other fish. A pricey fish, juveniles are priced from $ 60 to $ 80 USD whilst really huge “show good quality” adults can fetch up to $ 400 USD.

Most species inside the genus Pomacanthus are bully’s in one type or yet another. You can expect some aggression towards other big angelfish, specially towards other emperors. Fishes from outdoors the Pomacanthidae family members are usually left alone. May bully butterfly fish and massive tangs but normally ignores them.

The emperor angel is big, reaching up to 16 inches in its natural habitat. That translates into lengths of up to 10 to 11 inches in the aquarium as angelfish hardly ever achieve their complete length in captivity. At that length it is nonetheless a large fish that needs larger aquariums to genuinely do effectively. A 150 gallon is the bare minimum although a 200 gallon or larger aquarium is suggested as they require large amounts of space to swim in.

The Emperor Angelfish is not regarded as reef secure. You will come across a handful of reef aquariums housing emperors but they are normally far better suited to fish only aquariums.Their diet regime in the wild consists of tunicates, sponges, algae and corals. Offer you them a great variety of foods from meaty foods like mysis shrimp and krill to sheets of nori/seaweed. New Life Spectrum offers superb pellets that are quite balanced. Formula Two is a balanced meals that is fairly god for your Emperor Angelfish. It contains seafood and further algae for herbivorous fishes. They only come in 3 types, frozen cube, pellets and flakes.

The most comprehensive meals accessible for your Emperor Angelfish is Angel Formula by Ocean Nutrition. This food was particularly created to cater to the requirements of huge angelfish, they contain a very good mix of fresh algae, fresh seafood, vitamins and most importantly, marine sponges. Angel formula is only supplied in frozen cube form.

You can either buy branded seaweed or get some from your nearby supermarket (rates could differ). Depending on the brand they can be very low cost or quite pricey.

Make sure you purchase unflavoured/unspiced nori when buying at the supermarket. Just get standard, plain nori. Raw nori if it is offered. Attach the nori sheet to a clip with a suction cup and attach it to the side of your tank.