End Replacement Purchases With The Complete Xbox 360 Copy Guide

Have you ever had to suffer the indignity of paying upwards of 60 dollars for a video game? Once or twice when a relatively minor scratch, the product of an unavoidable accident or even the console itself, has made it unplayable. It is enough to make even the sanest among us break down and lose our minds!

The problem with scratches is that we never know when or where they might occur. They are just as likely to be caused by a stray pet, an out of control child, a fully functional console, improper factory packaging or just plain old whoops type accidents. Furthermore, the size of a scratch does not necessarily reflect the amount of damage it does. A disc can be completely scratched to the naked eye yet still remain in perfect working condition while another may have only the smallest of markings and be completely unplayable. It is impossible to tell, then, if the next scratch, be it the first or the last, is the one what will render our software useless.

With this complete “Xbox 360 Copy” guide you can learn to back up your software and avoid having to replace games that have become unplayable.

1. Make sure you legally own any software you attempt to back up, otherwise don’t bother as it is illegal and punishable by law.

2. Obtain the software to back up the games from your specific console, in this case the Xbox 360

3. Follow the instructions carefully (you will need to identify your console’s DVD drive and perhaps connect it to your computer)

4. Make duplicates of the games you want.

5. Play the duplicates and store the originals safely.

There is no need to make a purchase more than once. Scratched and non functional games are a thing of the past. With this complete “Xbox 360 Copy” guide, you can make sure your games never suffer from the all too common wear and tear.