Energy Efficiency and GU10 Bulbs

As modern technology has grown over the years, the world has become much more evolved and achieved a lot in the short amount of time. This has been a great thing and has improved our way of life remarkably. However there has also been a major downside to this. The world is now struggling to keep up and as the population grows and more and more resources are being eaten up everyday we are finding it a struggle to cope. The time has now come where we need to evolve as well as we did in the first place and come up with new and improved ways to maintain our brilliant lifestyle as well as look after and preserve the environment we live in today.

As a population there are things that we can do to try and help, we can recycle in our homes, be much more careful with the resources we use and try to be less wasteful when it comes to electricity and water for example. We have got so used to switching a switch to get light and turning a tap to get water that I think we have forgotten how precious and special these resources are, we take it for granted and need a reality check to start helping out the world.

I have noticed personally that it is only once we find ourselves in certain situations that we really understand the true value of these resources. When a bulb blows out, there is a power cut or the water stops running. When there has been a power cut and I have personally been immersed into darkness this is the time I have really appreciated what we have. Then the light comes back and everything goes back to normal and our minds become oblivious again. It is the same case with water, we use it as though there is a supply that will last forever. It makes me feel guilty when I think of how people use water like it has no value at all, when there are individuals out there who worry about where their next sip will come from.

There are ways of course that we can help, we can be more careful and thoughtful when it comes to the wastage of resources, we need to understand that these supplies are costing us our environment and we also need to remember they wont last forever.

We can switch our light bulbs to GU10 LED ones which use less than half of the energy a normal bulb does, they are also a worthwhile investment as they will certainly save you plenty of money in the future. Another way we can help is by recycling water for example, by collecting rainwater and using this instead of water from a hose to water plants and wash your car will help a lot. Try not to leave taps running for silly reasons, one could be whilst you are brushing your teeth and the tap is left on, there is simply no need, it is a huge waste which people in less developed countries would be appalled at us doing so.