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A Business Are of no return
Not start for many people, the business is to achieve a beautiful dream, a vision and begin to achieve convictions. Some people actually living very very good, perhaps professional, have a good income, in order to prove that they have greater value, start a business, some entrepreneurs may be an unintended person, but to life, forced to start, Some may look to prove himself to the girlfriend, so the entrepreneurs and as a fad, and embarked on a venture that does not return, start a business.

Two business always lonely Venture is alone, very beginning, you have to plan everything themselves to the worst, the best preparation to plan this process. After planning you need to find people Cooperation , Pulling people into the water. So there is your friends, relatives and stupid and so the first letter of your people, 3f (friends, familyandfool). As a result, your team slowly began to grow. This team is often the most united and most can be trusted. So, you need to cherish.

Venture needs three execution Business to be successful, requires a strong execution team. More tests are the organizational capacity of the entrepreneur, you have to find a variety of talents to help people, such as can play, and can , and to engage in relationships and the government could incite people and so forth. Most importantly, we aim to be very clear, must be allowed enterprises to enter the virtuous circle, turned a profit. We had the ideal, with the hope that everyone has been very hard.

4 astute business needs and planning capacity (ability to adapt to do with limited resources can not imagine things)

The ultimate success of business than the ability of intelligence and planning. Entrepreneurial resources are always insufficient. Bottlenecks in the operating company in each period, each link will appear. Therefore, the entrepreneur must do some hard thinking to find a way to mix a variety of ways to find the resources available, here is to see our planning capabilities and execution.

Five entrepreneurs need to face changes (everything should have a plan, but also a b plan)

Entrepreneurial business, you have to embrace change. You know, anything can happen, things happen, to be a calm way. Have the appropriate back-up plan. Do not let yourself in a passive position. In the venture would succeed, is often the darkest and often occur at the last moment a wide variety of problems. Entrepreneurs is to continue to give solutions to solution, even if very difficult choice (or even at the expense of some interest, but also must accept)

Six entrepreneurs thinking everything is possible (to think, daring to do, daring)
Faced by entrepreneurs in the market, the environment, industries and sectors are full of crisis and opportunity. Therefore, the entrepreneur’s mind must be open, when people see is a difficult time, we see an opportunity. We must dare to think, daring to do and daring attitude and thinking, we will start a business process. When people see a crisis, we see hope, to see the success of a process is ideal. No such person is not thinking of success.

7 attention to detail is the success of entrepreneurs in the details (each step is very important)

Killed in heavy tight encirclement of birth day, win the market, we need a grasp of detail. Of time control, on the strength of the master, the master mind of the staff, must be accurate to a point. If the entrepreneurial team, everyone has this very carefully and cautiously thinking to deal with companies and customers, a business can certainly escape to. Therefore, the details are very important. BOLA TANGKAS