Essential Moves for Keeping Pace on the Soccer Pitch

When it comes to the social soccer game everyone desires to be the striker – the glory boy who gets to score all the targets. Sadly, as with most items of this nature, it is a lot significantly less glamorous and a damn sight tougher than it seems. The pros make it appear effortless pros like Kaiser Chiefs’ striker Kaizer Motaung Junior.

He’s the son of South African soccer legend and Kaizer Chiefs’ founder Kaizer Motaung, but never for a minute think that the 27-year-old is a daddy’s boy who’s had an easy path to the top.

From his debut for Amakhosi in 2004, it is taken the former beneath-23 international a couple of seasons to establish himself at PSL level. These days, with the assist of a rigorous coaching program, he’s a single of the league’s most feared strikers. You may possibly in no way wear the quantity seven in black and gold, but study on to locate out what it takes to kick much more than ass in front of the aim.

Instruction: Balance

Very good balance is a essential attribute of a excellent striker. Instance I: if you are dribbling towards objective and an opponent bumps into you, you require to be in a position to shift your body weight appropriately so you don’t drop control of the ball. Instance 2: you trap the ball with your back to the aim and have to turn to shoot into the top corner. Both conditions require considerable balance to execute. Here’s an workout that will help you preserve your balance.


Use a relatively heavy box around 25cm in height. Stand on best of it with your left foot on the edge, keeping a slight bend in the left leg. Move your right foot away from the left so that it’s dangling above the ground. Bring your physique forwards so that your body weight is suspended directly above your left ankle. Gradually lower your physique utilizing your left leg, until the correct foot is about three to five centimetres away from the ground. Hold for 10 seconds (and for longer lengths of time later), then return to your original position. Alternate feet. Don’t straighten your legs since you want your glutes and quads to remain contracted at all occasions.

How to Step-Over like Ronaldinho

The Ronaldinho step-more than move, also successfully utilised by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, is a wonderful weapon for tricking your defender.

Step 1

Start by driving the ball forwards with your correct foot. Your centre of gravity must be among each feet.

Step 2 and 3

Now, with your left foot, step over the ball quickly. As your left foot is planted, transfer your body weight swiftly to your left foot.

Step 4

With your weight transferred to your left foot point your right foot down and use the outdoors of your foot to move the ball to the correct. Now, transfer your weight back to your right foot. Turn your body towards the ball and carry out a rapid sprint with the ball away from your opponent.