Essential Truths Pertaining To Energy Drinks And Food Bars

Where energy drinks and food bars are concerned you need to be able to look past the packaging. If you are using energy drinks to give you that boot of energy to keep you awake and alert or using an energy bar to get you through to your next meal it’s imperative that you be aware of what you are consuming. Here we will talk about some of the most important factors for you to consider when it comes to energy drinks and food bar supplements.

The majority of people who consume energy drinks do it to gain endurance during their workouts and exercise routines. This can be anyone from a high school athlete to a professional athlete to a middle aged man or woman going to the gym. In general the most ideal beverage is water to keep your body hydrated during exercise. Most of the vitamins, sugars and caffeine’s found in your energy drink also cause you to crash after a short term energy burst. You need to choose one without added sugar especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Many of these drinks claim to be “fortified” with herbs and vitamins or amino acids in addition to the sugar and caffeine we already know exists in most of them. It should not surprise you to find Taurine, Ginseng, Gingko and a variety of B vitamins listed as ingredients. Many of these supplements are healthy in themselves, but in some cases their effects have not been well studied. Stimulants like ginseng and guarana, when combined with sugar and caffeine can have some nasty side effects if you overdo it which is easy to do. Avoid the potential side effects by isolating each stimulant and using them wisely in varying forms rather than all at once.A lot of people who are dieting will choose an energy or food bar in place of a regular meal in hopes that they will lose weight. While many of these bars do have fewer calories that many meals they are not usually healthy calories, most of them contain sugar and artificial ingredients. Healthy fats and fibers that are essential to your body are absent from these bars if you are replacing too many meals with them. These should not be considered a complete meal but rather a snack to tide you over or as part of a nutrition plan. If you’re looking at food bars to replace real food, you have to be especially careful that you’re not just eating candy bars with healthier sounding names!

If your drink of choice for a work out tends to be energy drinks you are putting yourself at risk of dehydration. It’s a good idea to avoid the dehydrating effects of the sugars in these energy drinks during your workouts especially since it’s this sugar that makes the drinks high in calories which is probably not your goal when working out. If you want to stay hydrated when exercising, you should drink plenty of water and not rely on energy drinks for this purpose. “Thirst quenchers” or waters with added sugars are no better than energy drinks. So stick to basic flat tasteless water for best energy drink out there.

So, you see, common sense is your best judge when it comes to energy drinks and food bars. Some of them are good for you, especially when you don’t overuse them, but you have to remember that the companies who manufacture them are trying to sell their products, so you have to look past the labels. You want to know what you are getting into in order to make sure you aren’t feeding yourself a candy bar in a glorified package. BOLA TANGKAS