Even After Multiple Breakups You Keep Going Back to One Person

Love is one of the most complicated emotions that we experience as human beings. There are different levels of love that we feel for different people in our lives. One thing that a lot of people experience in their relationships with significant others is multiple breakups. There are many people who keep having breakups with the same person and keep going back to them time and again. If you are one of these people or know someone close to you that is experiencing this scenario, then you know first hand how confusing it can be. In the following article, we will review more information about this situation.

If you have been breaking up with one person and going back to them repeatedly, it may be time that you sit down and analyze why you keep returning to that person. Are you returning to this person because you are in love with them or are you returning to this person because they feel safe? Sooner or later you are going to have to ask yourself these questions and answer if you ever want the cycle of breaking up and getting back together to end. If you keep returning to this person because you are in love with them, then you are going to want to work out the problems that are causing you to break up with this person. A healthy relationship with this person is going to require some work after you have broken up with them so many times and returned to them. The other person in your relationship may be wondering the same things about the relationship that you are wondering about.

The only way to solve these problems is to talk them out with your partner. If you love this person, you must sit down and discuss the best course of action for both of you at this juncture. Both of you must be willing to work on the relationship if it is to go any farther. Breaking up and getting back together multiple times will be confusing to both parties in the relationship for many reasons. If you can find the root of most of your problems in the relationship, you can work on fixing them and making your relationship last. If you cannot do this, however, you may be destined to keep breaking up and reuniting until one or the other of you has had enough. If you love your partner, you will have to work on stopping the breakups, as one day your partner may not be so receptive to returning to you.

If you are returning to a person because they feel safe and not because you are in love with them, you must stop that behavior as soon as possible. If this other person is your safety, you have to let this other person go for the sake of both of you. It is not healthy on either end to keep breaking up and reuniting with one another. Relationships of this status are very stressful to both parties and will only leave both people confused.