Everyone Associated with Elliot Spitzer’s Office Must Go

It’s unfortunate for those associated with Elliot Spitzer, as they will take a political hit as well, sometimes that is not fair. But, I submit to you that it must be done. So then, EVERYONE, who worked in the New York Attorney General’s Office during his term there, must be terminated and lose their law-license. They should all be investigated and put on watch lists, but that costs too much, it’s much better for taxpayers to just remove their law licenses and fire them if they still work for the state; NO Pension!

Next, the new Governor must fire everyone on the Elliot Spitzer’s staff, and they must never be allowed to work for any government agency as long as they live. Further, several of Elliot Spitzer’s staff knew of his dealings with Prostitute Rings, they must be brought up on corruption charges and put in prison. What about all the cases Elliot Spitzer had during his term as Attorney General?

Well, every case must be overturned immediately and damages paid to those companies and people whose lives were ruined, smeared or whose reputation had been hurt. If this bankrupts the State of New York, that’s okay, it sends a message to government prosecutors. Indeed, if this bankrupts the State of New York, then raise taxes on the citizens to pay off the billions of dollars in damages to the Elliot Spitzer’s victims. Why?

Well, because it was the citizens who voted for this guy, it is their fault too, they trusted this guy, they voted, now they should pay. Too harsh? No, it’s true justice and it sets a precedence and a higher standard for all government prosecutors who go on wild goose chases to promote their own political careers. It’s time to solve this serious issue in our society and civilization. New York wants to lead the nation, good, this is a great start. Do it!