Evolution of the Fashionable Indian Woman

“The lady is the most excellent doll that i have dressed with delight and admiration.” — Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer.

The quote by the Design and style head of the French design and style residence of Chanel is a reflection of sentiments by style houses and couturiers across six continents. Girls and Fashion are synonyms, produced for each other and the major bread and butter for the industry. Females have come a long way because their primitive ancestors covered their modesty with skin hides culled by their husbands or foliage acquired in the forests. 

In India too, Women’s fashion has changed significantly over the centuries. This is partially triggered by a variety of socio-economic movements as well as the increasing freedom girls are enjoying over the past decades. When the century dawned, style was an exclusive enterprise, the pursuit of the wealth ladies who were in purdah. The reduce tiers of the society settled for garments that had been a lot more often than not entirely household hand-made-downs or stitched at residence. The classic attire girls wore differed from area to region, such as the comfortable salwar-kameez in states of North India, the ghagra choli of western Indian states and the ubiquitous nine yard saris in other parts of India.

More than a period of time, the emancipation of women and the movement towards equal rights translated into ladies stepping into the work force, beyond the realm of agriculture. This gave access to freedom, disposable money and the require to look excellent. The influences by royals such as Maharani Gayatri devi of Jaipur who produced the humble French chiffon into a style statement and Bollywood major ladies have also contributed to the rise of the homegrown Style business, which is now worth Rs 750 crores by conservative estimates. Bollywood heroines have emerged the top fashion icons over the past decades. From Madhubala’s anarkali suit in ‘Mughal -E- Azam’ to Sadhana’s sleeveless churidar kurtas to Kareena Kapoor’s indo-western look in current films, each and every of these style trends provided birth to by Bollywood films, have become instant hits amongst men and women. As a outcome, no matter whether it is ladies formal wear or casual dresses for females, external influences are dictating evolving trends in women’s style in India. Plus web and glamour magazines have also provided effortless access into the world of fashion to ladies in cities as diverse as Delhi to Darjeeling. Also women are now open to experiments and taking style dangers emboldened by increasing self esteem.

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