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A black suit of Lu Xiuqiong appears in his eyes, the smile passed over by the red glasses.

As Coca-Cola Greater China, responsible for fruit juice, director of new market category, and recently she was busy throughout the communication with customers, after all, a busy year, large-scale project “Milk Maid fruit excellent” start at the national scale on the market.

For Coca-Cola, the U.S. fruit juice, milk excellent source of not only its “Maid” brand product line extension, is also the official march with Milk drinks Start. This step, the intention of a “total beverage company” Coca-Cola is concerned, is quite critical.

, However, how this new product Marketing , Is not easy.
Drink also have fun After a carbonated beverage
times Drinking water After the times and tea times, the domestic beverage market, has now quietly into the era of juice drinks and dairy drinks. The face of main products carbonated drinks market in Europe and the United States by consumers abandoned the scene, the position of “total beverage company” Coca-Cola naturally can not miss this wave of new trends.

“Fruit juices Milk “The dairy beverage is a recently developed new types of drinks, fruit juice present in this area throughout the market share of the market is not large, seating and lakes already scheduled?? With” Nutrition Express “the first cut into this market Wahaha Thriving, accounting for 70% of the market, other brands such as “little foreigner”, “Want Want”, “coconut” and then divide the remaining three into the market.

When Coca-Cola opportunistic newcomers into the market with much larger rivals in the dairy beverages, we must open up the market situation, the product is clearly the key.

Fact, an innovative product, based on careful analysis of product positioning is not the greatest challenge. The real difficulty comes from how this Imagine from the ground reality, which usually requires a extremely tedious process.

More than a year ago, Coca-Cola company began to make up its mind to enter dairy beverage market. However, even in many categories on both occupy the first Coca-Cola, the access to this new class is also not easy.

“Coca-Cola were not previously produced dairy drinks, can learn from the headquarters of little experience. For the whole team, it can be called a self-made experience.” Lu Xiuqiong said.

Lu Xiuqiong has been involved in “orange fruit” and other variety of stars come out and promote products, but now the new talk about “fruit milk excellent” available, she could not help but sigh, “twists and turns.”

How can a fruit juice drink milk to raise consumer awareness?
“When we open a bottle containing milk drink, first of all it will smell the flavor, then, to see its color. Drink it, first I feel like? Finished, the stay in the mouth is feel? “in accordance with this step, Lu Xiuqiong lead the team to do for consumers to experience a full range of system testing.

Next, is a mixing in the laboratory and the consumer, a full four months of “hell tour.” As long as my colleagues in R & D center has developed new flavors, Lu Xiuqiong will lead her team to do market research, please consumers to enjoy, comments, feedback and then submitted to the laboratory, to continue to improve.

“Almost every week, we will show it to the consumers try new tastes to try. From the laboratory to get the product, we feel very good to drink this formula, the consumer will like, but until we communicate with consumers, their feedback is always too sour, too sweet, or no milk flavor. BOLA TANGKAS