Excellent location for a vacation, Gstaad

Picture this, a village amongst the snow capped mountains of Switzerland, surrounded by the most exquisite of scenery everywhere you glance and a quantity of the very best superb hotels and restaurants to be located anywhere around the world.

It is one of the prime skiing getaways in Switzerland and features some of the best night life and eating experiences not only in the Alps but in the world at large. It is a place of romance and eminent luxury and has an inhabitant list to show for it. In truth,most of the Crowned Heads of Europe have traditionally owned a holiday home in Gstaad as well as numerous stars of stage and screen as well as a long list of the world’s most influential conglomerate world leaders.

There are various luxury chalets dotted right through Gstaad and the surrounding spots. Take a leisurely walk along the excellent promenande, at night the promenade takes on a fairytale look when lit up with illumination established in the eves of the chalets.

Gstaad has forever attracted the very best and the brightest of the earth, and to cite the countless names of the famous guests of the Saanenland would be decidedly inappropriate for the total relaxation and the ambiguity of the residents of the luxury chalets is a touchy nature and is very much cosseted by the neighborhood stores and hoteliers. Gstaad also has its segment of cultural importance being a luxury home of such artists as Yehudi Menuhin, the Musician and the composer Benjamin Britten, as along with the well-known director Roman Polanski. To exhibit this cultural heritage Gstaad holds an annual classical music event called after the late Menuhin, which is now considered being one of the finest of its sort anywhere.

Gstaad is that kind of spot where the wealthy and illustrious rub shoulders with each other and the society that has grown up around such people is of course one of tremendous luxury. Its comfort, service and hosptality culture is illustrious around the world, it is above and beyond Rodeo Drive, Mayfair or any other such spot.

It features the very best luxury Hotels and Restaurants, and Nightlife is second to none. And of course if you tire of all of that, there is always the skiing.

Mary Louise is an expert author when it comes to Gstaad and luxury resorts.

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