Executive protection and bodyguard training

Risks Inc’s diverse experience enables us to refine our operational and training techniques to be the most practical and effective commercial system available. We run our executive protection and bodyguard training courses differently than other schools, for one thing we don’t teach the high profile US Secret Service type techniques.

The Secret Service has a huge budget, resources, legal authority and full cooperation of the local law enforcement agencies where ever they operate. This is not the case in the commercial world where you have no legal authority, limited resources and looked at with suspicion by local law enforcement. Our tactics are low profile and everything we teach is simple.

We put an emphasis on pre planning and the avoidance of any problems. Our executive protection and bodyguard training courses teach people to work to a threat level that would be encountered in today’s emerging markets where organized crime and terrorist incidents are part of everyday life. We place high emphasis on no nonsense personal skills that are relevant in the real world. We teach a maximum of five students per course. This is not a 9 to 5 course, you will be training for 10 hours plus a day and breaks for food etc. will be minimal.

Our intensive executive protection and bodyguard training courses can be used as an introduction into the world of close protection and specialist security or as a refresher course for the more experienced personnel. The program is compact and gives the student an insight into subjects such as counter surveillance, electronic surveillance counter measures, kidnapping, counter terrorism and weapons which are specialties in their own right and can justify a training course of their own, if they are to be learned competently.

The idea behind our executive protection and bodyguard training courses is that the student would be able to go away with enough knowledge to enable him or her to participate competently in close protection details at a basic level (you can not become an expert in a few days or weeks) and, for the more experienced students, to be able to recognize threats that they would not have before and avoid or react to them with unconventional and devastating techniques.

We can adapt our executive protection and bodyguard training courses in Florida & Georgia to not include firearms training if the student wishes this. In reality when traveling internationally there are very few countries where you can legally have access to and carry firearms. It often comes as a shock to people that most international protective details are unarmed. Due to our wealth of operational experience the techniques and tactics taught on our courses are applicable to both armed and unarmed protective services.