Exercise – Key To Success and Happiness

It is apparent that exercis is good for you. However, not all exercise types are suitable for each person. As you do what works for you, you will feel better. However, if you do exercises that are not suitable for you, you will have a whole gamut of issues. 


So what do you to make sure you do what your body wants you to do?


Just ask. Ask your body to tell you when the discomfort is okay and when to yell to stop you. Please realize that pain serves an important purpose: it lets you know something is wrong. Taking pain pills turns off signals you need to honor. How could it possibly benefit you to kill the pain then use the hurting body part as if nothing went wrong?


Why do people need exercise? All kinds of benefits come from working out. The obvious one of feeling good comes to mind. Then, of course it can be all about looking great. And you may want to get busy building your cardio-vascular system to feel great and pursuer the activities you enjoy-like walking or hiking or keeping up with your kids.


But exercise serves other important functions. For many people walking is their main form of exercise. Being outdoors, in the sun, allows your body to function as Nature intended by manufacturing Vitamin D.


Exercise also releases endorphins-the feel good chemicals. I know when I workout I get high-all naturally. Many people do. Other benefits I notice include better sleep. I have more energy all day and even into the night. My mood stays very even and pleasant.


Okay, so working out improves how you feel and how you function. If you keep your head in a good positive place do you think you could accomplish more at work? You would likely work more efficiently accomplishing more in less time and with less effort.


If your energy level shot up could that help you through the day? Would that high energy inspire you to do more at work or to do more things that you enjoy later?


Would being in a better mood allow you to make more friends and better enjoy being with those you already have? Would that peaceful alert feeling inspire you and would you inspire others to be more in life?


When was the last time you went for a walk or used machines or free weights? Want to? What stops you? The benefits outweigh the annoyances. Take care of yourself. Always love your Self first. You’ll be happier in all areas of your life.