Exercise the Fun Way

In today’s world obesity has become a problem that is talked about on a regular basis in the news and among health professionals. Even our children have become overweight and adults. Obesity has become a problem of epidemic proportions. Today the CDC estimates that approximately 20 percent of children are obese and run the risk of becoming adults with obesity problems. Adults are obese at the rate of 34 percent. And for both children and adults the rates are increasing at alarming rates every year.

One of the ways to address the problem of obesity is through exercise. For many people even the word “exercise” sends shudders of revolt through their body. But approached correctly, exercise can become and fun and enjoyable activity. And one of the best ways to approach exercise is with the use and motivation of fun and entertaining exercise videos. There are many, many different exercise videos on the market, but here is a list of some of the best.
Hip Hop Abs
You’ve probably seen Hip Hop Abs advertised on the television on their infomercials. This particular exercise video is one of the most popular and fun videos available, which is why you see it everywhere. The host and exercise leader is Sean T and he is a load of fun and will have you moving even when you are the least motivated to move your body. All you have to do is listen and soon you’ll find yourself standing up and dancing right along to the rocking hip hop music.
Yoga Booty Ballet
Yoga Booty Ballet is another fitness video that is fun and enjoyable. This exercise video takes a different approach from Hip Hop Abs in that hosts Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough lead the audience through a series of exercises that combine graceful yoga movements, dance movement and body sculpting that tone the body and specially targeted core body areas. Yoga Booty Ballet is an enjoyable experience that will have individuals wanting to exercise more as they become accustomed to the graceful movements in this exercise video.
Turbo Jam Maximum Results
Another video that has garnered a great deal of attention and a loyal following is Turbo Jam Maximum Results. This fitness video uses the latest and most popular dance music to lead audience members in kickboxing and body sculpting moves that provide quick results with dedicated exercise.
Slim in 6 Rapid Results
Slim in 6 is a fun and entertaining fitness video is hosted by Debbie Siebers. In it, she leads audience members in a series of activities that increase cardiovascular fitness in combination with light resistance movements. As a result of using this fitness video, you can expect to improve your hips, legs and abs in just six weeks.
Getting in shape is not an easy thing and without help it can be almost impossible for most people. One great way to approach embarking on a new fitness program is to use motivational and fun fitness videos to get you started. By watching and using them with regularity, you might just be surprised – not only at how much you enjoy them , but also that you actually begin to see results. One of the best ways to use fitness videos is to get your friends or family involved and exercise together. If you do this, then soon you’ll be on your way to a healthier and happier new you.