Exercises For Slender Waist And Belly

Although most people want to do exercises for weight loss, their gyms in some case are in stage of neglect. Many people do not pay attention enough to gyms and thus even those do not work. This article will show you some waist and belly exercises for weight loss in the right way. 



So, if you’re the type that breaks into a heavy sweat just by stuffing a pepperoni roll in your face, keep reading this short article to learn how to start losing weight..


Waist and Belly Exercises For Weight Loss – Done Right


Body Weight Squats.


You may think this is a leg exercise, but thing again. This exercise works the entire body. And let’s face it, if you’re a complete physical wreck, this is the kind of exercise you should be focusing on. Isolation exercises you can start doing when you’re finally able to squeeze your big old self into that cute little size 16 black dress.


But anyway, your abdominal muscles pay a big role in stabilizing that super size frame of yours when doing squats. Believe me, they’re working!


So, if you want to lose some weight by doing squats, you need to do these as fast as you can. Here’s a good plan of action. Do 20 squats as fast as you can. Then rest for 30 seconds. Keep repeating this cycle until you have completed 100 squats.


If you want to see some serious results, do these every day.

Vacuum Pose


This exercise involves isometric tension. All you have to do is suck in your abdominal muscles and hold the position. This works great for flattening your belly. If you can only hold your gut in for a few seconds, don’t worry.


Just remember this. Do this exercise for a total of 5 minutes a day.


And do this every single day. If you commit to doing this, you should expect to lose about 2 inches from your waist in about a month.


So, give these 2 waist and belly exercises a try. If you do, I think you’ll be very happy about what you see in the mirror in just about 3-4 weeks.