Exit Devices and Building Security

People who visit public buildings and commercial spaces always give little thought about the safety of the buildings structure and also its security. Since a number of people go in and out of these infrastructures it is equipped with state-of-the-art devices that can avoid untoward accidents.

It is the duty of the people who own the building to keep in mind details like these to ensure the safety of the buildings tenants and its clients. One of the devices they use for security is exit devices.

It is mandated by law that every commercial and public building in North America must be outfitted with at least one, and likely numerous, exit devices. These devices play a crucial role in the safety and security of human lives as well as the properties that they have.

The mechanism allows hands-free exit and perhaps is the reason why it is called a crash bar and panic bar. One can simply crash or apply full-body force to immediately open the door which is helpful in emergency cases.

It is actually advantageous for an establishment to use these devices to secure a building for it is guaranteed to work in any kind of door. A property owner who wishes to restrict people from entering some parts of a building can apply exit devices to non-public entrances. Those with disability or those with limited mobility can open these doors easily in no time in order to save themselves from harm.

There is no need to worry in the event of an emergency. Emergencies like fire because those inside the building can use these doors as emergency exits by activating the crash bar on the inside of the door.

It was released in the market in the 1990s with a brand name Von Duprin. These devices are now widely used in every establishment and are in fact recommended by building inspectors.