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Napa Valley Vacation: Food Service

Lots of people travel to Napa Valley to taste its various fine wines and enjoy different cuisines where much of the food offered is locally grown and produced. Napa Valley lands are mainly for wine grape growing but most of the foods are locally grown and made, as well as fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, meats, dairy and others. This place is home to some of the best culinary restaurants, and to enjoy delicious, healthy, and locally grown food options, be sure to visit and dine in one of their fine restaurants and casual cafes during your Napa Valley vacation. Napa Valley cuisine is best described as a mixture of tastes, and most restaurants use locally-grown ingredients to cook the best dishes and cater to your appetite, costs may range from fair to pricey. Of course, the most well-known products are the wines, which flow freely at over one hundred and thirty local restaurants. Choosing a lodging hotel close to your dining options can ensure food and wine pleasure. Most of the time, these hotel have their private restaurants where guests are offered discounted food prices.

Napa Valley Vacation: Pet Friendly Spots

One of the finest wine growing regions of the world, Napa Valley features a mild climate, luscious hills grown with lush vineyards, and historical towns. If you plan for an exhilarating Napa Valley vacation, you will have a wide range of choices of pet friendly accommodation that ranges from tent to RV camping near the wonderful Pacific coastline. Other lodging selections that assure an unforgettable tour are provided by different bed and breakfast inns and world class hotels that are furnished with spas and pools that will surely pamper you and your pet in experiencing lavish treatment. Beside these pet friendly hotels, you can also have a trip to any of the region’s several functioning pet friendly vineyards. Some vineyards permit well-behaved pets only in picnic sites while others warmly welcome your furry best friends by letting them take advantage of their wine testing rooms that provide water and delicious dog treats. Both cats and dogs are among the several animals regularly seen enjoying some of the popular wineries in the place.

Napa Valley Vacation in St. Helena

When you plan a Napa Valley vacation, it should come into your awareness that there are a lot of key areas that make up most of Napa Valley. The place is identified for its wine where adults are provided several amazing things to do which may not be exciting for children. One attraction spot that adults must visit is Beringer Vineyards, which is California’s oldest winery to date and was built in St. Helena. Beringer was founded in 1876 and it provides daily trips and tasting of wines for its thousands of vacationers at very reasonable rates. Additionally, the winery is packed with lush landscaping and historic buildings were each guest is given the privilege of learning the history of the place as well as its local way of life. Shopping enthusiasts will have a great time because St. Helena is also highly considered as a haven for different shops selling items ranging from antiques to contemporary devices.

Spa Accommodation on Your Napa Valley Escapade

With over 5 million tourists visiting every year, one of the most famous vacation destinations in California is Napa valley. Although the majority of its travelers visit the place to tour its enormous wineries and sample of its high class wines, there are also other motives why you must experience an astounding Napa Valley vacation. There are countless attractions spots offered in the place such as festivals, welcoming restaurants where local dishes are served daily, historical museums, local entertainment shows, and outdoor activities. Aside from these activities, there are also various accommodations provided for its guests which include world class resorts with rejuvenating spas, ranches, and bed and breakfasts inns. Probably the most therapeutic place to visit in Napa County is the City of Calistoga, where you can find various spas that feature hot spring pools and volcanic ash mud baths. Calistoga Spa Hot springs, which is located just off of Main Street, is open to the public and provides four naturally heated mineral pools.

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