Experts Said The Dog Was Not Across The Board Ban Chi Mao – Cat Dog, Anti-animal Cruelty Law – Food

China’s brewing promulgated the “Anti-Cruelty to Animals Act”, the experts recommend is to draft for public comment in April will be submitted to relevant departments. Among them, the illegal consumption or Sell Cat dog The maximum fine of 5,000 yuan was being detained for 15 days to initiate the formulation of a huge response.

It is understood that “anti-animal cruelty law (expert Proposal)” is divided into nine chapters, roughly including the main system of anti-cruelty to animals, wildlife, economic animals, pets and many other species of anti-abuse measures, animal health, animal transportation, animal slaughtering anti-abuse measures, legal liability and supplementary provisions. One of the most striking one is the “unlawful consumption of dog, cat or dog sales, Maorou, individuals will impose a fine of 5000 yuan 15 detention, and ordered a statement of repentance; of the units and organizations, more than 10,000 yuan Office 500,000 yuan fine. “

Animal protection volunteers: more than cats and dogs on the table from the stole

“If the successful introduction of this legislation, at least in the protection of animals, when to stop Animal cruelty laws to abide.” Animal protection organization “Animals Asia Foundation,” said Project Manager setting of higher vocational, dogs and cats on the table is often stole to the its articles behind a huge black chain.

It is understood that the animal protection organizations in Guangdong in recent years, pet owners volunteer support, many times to intercept the vehicle transporting cats and dogs, rescue dogs and cats stole. However, this act has won praise, but the lack of legal protection. January 24, this newspaper once reported to the front of a village in Zengcheng anger steal Gouzei bar, the results were stolen Gouzei killed in the crush of the tragedy.

Setting of higher vocational said, Guangdong, Guizhou and northeast region has Chimao dog meat Diet Customs, “but it does not mean that we bring this cruel practice of inheritance to the next generation.”

Public: Legislative fast cat dog meat is questionable

Reporter found that the vast majority of respondents in favor of the non-Chi Mao dog, including some who did not like a pet, but there are people that form of legislation Chimao ban dog meat, is questionable.

Public Mr. Wen that both cats and dogs as pets by humans, many people abroad against eating on the pet. “But what to eat and not eat what can not be generalized, and some people have also pigs as pets then, should also legislate against eating pork?” Mr. Wen that the legislation is to ensure fairness and justice, he thought through the social organizations or third-party agencies to promote dog meat eating Maorou more appropriate.

Ahead of Guangdong People’s Congress to protect animals in experimental animals must first anesthetics further “surgery”

Reporter’s interview, the provincial People’s Congress, Guangdong, China Law Firm Senior Counsel column Yu Zhu said the relevant departments of Guangdong in the protection of animals have taken an important step, “Laboratory Animal Management Regulations of Guangdong Province (Draft) “has been finalized and is awaiting consideration by the NPC. The Ordinance is legislation to protect test animals, which states that experiments with animals can not kill, but must be implemented, “euthanasia”, if you want to be, “operative” test, you must anesthetics. Zhu Yu

out that some European and American developed countries, the animal protection legislation is perfect, food, cruelty to animals are likely to constitute a crime, even serious crime.

“Dogs and cats to accompany the animals since ancient times human beings, not for eating.” Zhu Yu out that “anti-animal cruelty law” introduced in line with people’s eating habits and circumstances so require. Abuse took place a few years ago, once the cat incident caused great repercussions on the network, and now many people still deeply impressed. “Once introduced specific legislation on the handling of the perpetrators will also have a clear legal basis.” Legislative drafting expert proposals

chief anti-cruelty to animals is not uniform throughout to decide punishment

Beijing, (Reporter Liu Jianyun) in Beijing this year Two , Beijing CPPCC members, Animal Protection Law Project Team Leader, Chief drafting experts, Academy of Social Sciences Law Research Institute often Clement again proposed legislation against cruelty to animals, and interview with this newspaper. BOLA TANGKAS