Explore Your Depths and Reach New Heights

Self-discovery is a wonderful thing! No gold or treasure can be compared to what lies within ourselves. There’s a Bible verse that says we are “wonderfully and fearfully made.” I don’t think that’s referring to our bodies only, but to all that lies within our souls as well. Each of us has a unique cornucopia of treasures within us–we just need to dig deep to bring them to the surface, and expose ourselves to possibilities.

Have you ever noticed that older people tend to discover more new things about themselves than younger people? Maybe it’s because they’re willing to look silly–their ego is no longer on the line if they pursue something and fail. Or maybe it’s because they’re more aware that time is finite, so they better get to living. Who knows, but I think it’s better to start exploring yourself early–that way once you find those “jewels” you’re uniquely made for “wearing and sharing” you’ll have a lot more time to become seasoned and excellent in those things.

Here’s a poem I wrote on the subject of self-exploration, is entitled The Exploration of You.

You have within yourself talents that are still untapped–
Things that you haven’t permitted yourself to give expression to.

You are certain that there’s a world within you that’s unexplored territory–
Things that are lying “below” and “beneath,” but not beyond.
Things that you’ve perhaps reached towards a few times, but didn’t quite lay hold of.

You see, sometimes we have gifts that we’ve put to use a little, but not a lot.
So all we’ve done is expose our souls to a “maybe,” not a “for sure.”
But interests only become passions after exposure through time and experience!

Treasures are not found on short excursions–they require investment.
What lies within you can certainly be defined as treasure, but what are you willing to invest to find that “thing that fulfills?”
Are you willing to risk? Are you willing to leap? Are you willing to try, fail, and try again?
Are you willing to feel certain one day and uncertain the next, and yet keep going?
Are you willing to accept your weaknesses, but not let them hold you back?

If yes, then life’s greatest adventure awaits you with open arms–The Exploration of You!

So go forth and excavate with perpetual and patient persistence–for many of life’s riches are unearthed with these treasure tools!