Exploring Alternative Exercise For Better Health

One of the biggest issues many people have is finding a fitness plan that they can not only stick to, but also enjoy while they are doing it. Everyone knows that it is much easier to follow a set routine if you are having fun along the way. Treadmills, stationery bikes, elliptical machines, and weight benches are the norm at most fitness centers. Nearly every workout video on the shelf is the same aerobic routine, simply hosted by someone new and set to a different soundtrack. If you are like most people, and are looking for something out of the ordinary, consider some of the more alternative exercise programs available to you.

Tai Chi has grown tremendously in popularity over the years in Western culture. This Chinese form of martial arts is said to be part workout and part meditation. Its flowing movements are ideal for people looking for a low impact workout and its gentle rhythms are the perfect way to reduce stress and induce a state of calm relaxation. Tai Chi also helps to increase your overall flexibility and can help to improve posture and balance as well.

If Tai Chi seems a little too slow for your preferred pace, there are numerous other forms of martial arts that can help burn calories and build muscle as well. No matter the discipline and in most cases martial arts in general provides a great aerobic workout. It also helps to improve balance and eye hand coordination. More importantly, martial arts provides a full body workout that helps to strengthen all your core muscles.

For a more Eastern approach, swimming is more of a workout than most people realize and also one that most people enjoy tremendously. Water aerobics, once a fitness craze back in the eighties, is beginning to make a comeback. As another ideal workout for those seeking low impact activities, the natural levels of resistance that the water provides are great for toning muscles and burning calories.

Roller skating is another blast from the past that is making a comeback. Providing a great lower body workout, roller skating or rollerblading is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors while getting a great calorie burning workout.

Regardless of what your personal preferences are, there are a number of alternative forms of exercise that can help you burn calories while having a blast at the same time. Just remember, you do not have to follow traditional exercise routines to get fit.