Exploring the Different Kinds of Green Power Sources

As the world continues to age, mankind persists on developing different sources of energy. However, not all of what has been created by the human mind is valuable to the earth. Many of these pose danger to the existing life forms, and created social and ethical dilemmas around the globe. It is about time to sort out these energy sources and retain those that are geared towards the green power generation.


There are many energy sources that will help sustain the environment and keep it free from harmful materials. Some of these are the following:


Plant matter – this energy source is also referred to as biomass. It uses biological materials from living organisms, such as decaying plants, animal remains, and even biodegradable waste products or garbage. These materials are capable of generating heat that in turn can produce electricity.


Wind power – this is another exceptional example of green power source that works well in breezy places. It involves the use of wind mills, wind turbines, and wind pumps to turn on an electric power generator. It is widely used in several countries in Europe and in some parts of Asia. It is a good source of energy because it does not release green house gasses.


Geothermal power – this type of energy comes directly from the extreme heat transmitted from the core of the earth. It is cost effective and more reliable compared to other green power sources. However, not all countries around the world can avail this kind of energy because some are located at a remote distance from the core.


Solar power – this energy source is capable of powering the entire world if at least one fourth of the total number of countries will use it. It is available in most nations and it is as reliable as the geothermal source. However, it is more expensive to put up.


Tidal power – this is a promising source of energy. It uses the current of the tides or waves to power turbines that in turn generate electricity. It is still limited to some countries that has frequent occurrence of large waves.


These green power sources can replace the current source of energy that the world is using. These are cost-effective and can surely save the planet from the perils of green house gasses and global warming.