Exploring The Popular Trend Of Eating Only Raw Foods

You have probably heard talk about raw food only diets gaining popularity, particularly with celebrities. If you haven’t yet understood this trend, this article should shed some more light on it.

Recent research has revealed that the quality of nutrients we put into our bodies determines the quality of our lives. We are all aware that engines perform well or poorly, depending upon the quality of the fuel used.

Few of us realize that food quality directly determines our physical and mental performance abilities. Some strict observers of the raw diet claim that live food eaters feel better and are often in a state of euphoria.

They also believe that they have more energy and stamina. Some say that those living on foods that are alive are better rested and better slept in less time.

Other claims include that those who eat most living foods are more alert, think clearer, sharper and more logically, and those who undertake the eating of live foods, especially in conjunction with an exercise regime, experience drastic weight loss. This is great for those people who need to lose weight.

Going on a living food diet sets off body cleansing which, at times, can be very intense. Body detoxification may entail some unpleasant symptoms.

Those who rely upon living foods become more active and precise in their motions and actions as well as their thoughts. Hence they perform much better and with more competence.

Living food eaters are less subject to stresses and nervous tensions than conventional eaters. Moreover, if an exercise regime of 15 to 30 minutes a day is followed, they are even less subject to stress.

Best of all, some of these followers claim that they become virtually sickness-free! Of course a great deal of skepticism is often expressed- -after all, people need dispensation as well as justification for their love affairs with pizza, bread, potatoes and so on.

Cooking is a process of food destruction from the moment heat is applied to the foodstuff. Long before dry ashes result, food values are totally destroyed.

If you put your hand for just a moment into boiling water, or on a hot stove, that should forever persuade you just how destructive temperatures for perhaps half an hour or more are! What was living substance becomes totally dead very rapidly with exposure to heat.

Proteins begin coagulating and delaminating, as may be plainly seen in the case of eggs and cheese when their temperature reaches only 118 degrees. At temperatures commonly applied in cooking, they are completely devoid of nutritive values.

Cooked proteins are readily putrefied by bacteria in the digestive tract and give rise to some very potent poisons such as ptomaine’s, leukomaines, mercaptans, indoles, skatoles, ammonias, hydrogen sulfide, putrescine, cadaverine and yet more. These are absorbed into the portal blood and cause myriad’s of disease conditions.

Minerals quickly lose their organic context and are returned to their native state as they occur in soil, sea water, rocks, metals and so on. In such a state they are unusable and the body often shunts them aside where they may combine with saturated fats and cholesterol in the circulatory system, thus clogging it up with their cement-like plaque.

Over 90% of Americans have plaque in their arteries. Worse yet, inorganic minerals are highly toxic.

As an example, we know iodine to be an essential nutrient. Yet, in its inorganic state, it bears the skull and crossbones.

Take iron as an example. Essential as it is, if taken in the inorganic state it causes hepatitis and hemochromatosis.

Heated fats are especially damaging because they are altered to form acroleins, free radicals, other mutagens. Cooked foods not only take longer to digest, but often prove to be indigestible and unassailable as in the case of heated proteins.

Cooked foods quickly ferment and putrefy in the intestinal tract while living foods are almost totally absorbed before they’re oxidized enough for yeast and bacterial ferments and putrefaction. If you are devoted to cleansing your body and becoming stronger, give this diet a try.

You never know what could make a difference with you. Do more research today, and see if it suits you! BOLA TANGKAS
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