Expo 2015 About The Family Life Can Grow Vegetables In The Kitchen

HC intelligent home network  To the door, no longer had the keys, lock recognition system using 3D imaging to the door to open automatically for you; vegetables and fruits can be readily picked, because the composition of the nutrient solution in soilless farming in the kitchen; clothes after the end of life buried underground to make fertilizer … … Expo around the world civilization in the show, while also hatching future life. Brings together the “We Are the World,” “Global Youth Innovation Tour” and other beach area after the World Expo exhibition hall, as the future life of the green, environmental incubator, “We Are the World” and “Global Youth Innovation Tour” like a number of oval shape venues, but also indicates the future of moral incubation.

The “one family” in the kitchen to eat their own species of fruits and vegetables

Open kitchen can grow vegetables without the key

“One family” show a low carbon family in 2015

“Egg” one: We Are the World

Located in Pudong Park, Bay Beach Expo Square, the Shanghai World Expo Bureau of self-organized scientific and technological innovation class theme activities, storytelling in the form of a vivid display of human life by 2015.

2015 years of family life, how, and would like to know? Close, on the beach in the area after the Expo, “We Are the World,” “We Are the World” about the year 2015 as the starting point of Shanghai, Milan, Beijing, three small home city of the future low-carbon life story.

“We Are the World” in the theme, and went straight to “low carbon”, the world’s most “hot” topic comes. “We Are the World” is a self-organized by Shanghai World Expo Bureau of Science and Technology Innovation category theme activities, the activities described by Jiang Kun, Xi Meijuan, Wong and Hu Ge formed, “Mr. Hao, a” starting point to 2015, Shanghai, Milan, Beijing 3 small home city of the future low-carbon life story.

“The reason why the time is set in 2015, also taking into account the inside part of the scene, still in the experimental and theoretical stage.” “We Are the World” project manager Miss Yang Yin presentation on display showing the direction of future low-carbon lives to enlighten the audience space.

In the “We Are the World” show, the family members no longer carry the key, lock using a 3D image recognition system, Shanghai, Beijing and Milan three simultaneous assembly of a car, at home, extra power can be converted to provide to the city, even in the kitchen cabinet box can grow vegetables.

Yin Yang said the low carbon concept cover a wide range, but some people do not understand this, there was a misunderstanding. “Some people think that low-carbon living is to return to hard time, it is not right, low-carbon living can be very fashionable.” Yang Yin said, “We Are the World” is a low-carbon can make people want to live better information, communicated to each visitor through the presentation.

Fact, “We Are the World” in the display part of the life of ordinary people have gradually begun to enter the home. As early as 2003, the Fengxian Bay wind farm and power generation, Shanghai, many families on the use of “low carbon” energy.

And “We Are the World” in the future use of smart grid, the power company each month will be based on how much power consumption recovery, return the balance of electricity, this power system part of the countries and regions have also been carried out on the ground try.

“The future realization of these things, and now there will be difficult to say how fast the time.” Yin Yang said, do not expect the audience looked on as environmental experts, but as long as the audience receptive to environmental awareness, build low-carbon lifestyle attitude, “We Are the World” had achieved its objectives. “No matter what way the use of life, based on environmental protection into the environmental protection system, it moved toward the low-carbon objectives.” Yin Yang said.

According to reports, after the park opened, “We Are the World” attracted many visitors, almost running at full capacity every day, from 9:30 until about 10 o’clock at night, have the audience line up in front of the museum. Yin Yang said that the current design of the display can reach the desired time, while the display settings in three generations, but also so that everyone can find their point of conjunction. Currently, many repeat customers repeatedly visit the “We Are the World.” CLC organization holding the green card low carbon transport the audience, but also through the green channel, fast into the hall to visit.