Expo Water Element For A Better Interpretation Of The Meaning Of Urban Life

By “City, Better Life” as the theme of Shanghai World Expo will be explained in many parts of the “water element” on the importance of good urban life.

Head of the World Water Council Museum Geerboge Camp in an interview with Xinhua said the Shanghai Expo theme “Better City, Better Life” is in fact a direct relationship between the quality of urban water to the city’s quality of life .

He said that this is the first time the World Water Council, the platform Expo exhibitors.

Museum is located at the World Water Council, the joint museum of international organizations, equipped with “mini” movie theater, internet corner, children’s corner, the most special is the floor of the museum depicting a city, a blue river from the city through stream through.

“The museum exhibitions are all trying to introduce to visitors the impact of water on human life. Through this museum, we hope that visitors to the city on the water in the importance of daily life with more awareness. With this At the same time, to let them in other parts of the world Water Q Understand issues. “Bergkamp said.

He said, “Through this exhibition we have to let the kids realized what it means to them water and hope the young visitors, the time can be realized early in life the importance of water.”

He said the World Water Council and the Chinese government in recent years Cooperation Closely. The museum officially opened to the argument from the previous two years before and after the preparation is the World Water Council, the crystallization of co-operation with China, and now there are 15 Chinese volunteers every day to serve here.

“China is facing some challenges of water resources, such as: population growth and economic development, increasing demand on water resources, but these are not issues unique to China. The world has many countries face similar problems. We need to join hands to address these issues, no country can single-handedly solve all the problems. “Bergkamp said.

He believed that the Chinese government fully aware of the challenges faced. Need to do is to further enhance the sense of ordinary people and businesses of the water, encourage them to change their life and production.

Hall on the design of the World Water Council, Bergkamp emphasized that “Our museum is not the most special wall, visitors can easily enter the museum to visit. We emphasize the concept, because the water about every vital interests of the individual. “

He also pointed out that Shanghai World Expo will be well organized, everything is running smoothly so far, the service was excellent. In addition, the number of different international organizations focused museum display is a good start.

There are still many countries at the Shanghai World Expo Hall and the Urban Best Practices Area of the case, but also about the water on the importance of good urban life.

Singapore Singapore Museum introduces water resources protection and utilization experience. Click the Library’s computer touch screen, you get this message: 60,70 years in the last century, Singapore, flooding, pollution; water supply is extremely poor. Singapore in just 40 years to overcome these difficulties. Singapore is now mainly through Rainwater harvesting After using water, Desalination And four foreign purchases of water to ensure adequate water for cities.

This Expo Best Practices cities have adequate “water element.” Corner of the Expo, Chengdu’s “Living Water Park” project has demonstrated the mixing water to clear, stagnant water become a living urban ecosystem.

Project staff Li Si? Told reporters that this case in order to restore the ratio of 1 to 10 in Chengdu’s water park. Tanker trucks muddy water into the anaerobic settling tank, the degradation or decomposition of organic matter in water; then through a gap in a string of stone pool and increase access to water and oxygen, to improve the water “activity”; initial cleaning and “by living “The water is directed to 20 different plants growing small pond, plant uptake of heavy metals and organic compounds in water, so water quality has been further purification. BOLA TANGKAS
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