Face Lift: Restoring Youth

A face lift is a procedure that can bring back some of the freshness of youth. When people age, they tend to look in the mirror and wish that they could turn back the clock. While this may not be possible, there are other options out there. Speaking with a plastic surgeon is one of the first steps to giving skin a clear, wrinkle free appearance. There are creams, cleansers and other product that claim to be able to give back something that age is taken away, none of the results will be as dramatic or permanent as undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Pulling Skin Tighter

Unfortunately, the face is the first place where age really begins to show on people. One of the most noticeable features of again is sagging skin. The only way to change this problem is to undergo a face lift. During the procedure, a cut is made, usually along the hairline, in front of the ears or under the chin. Then, the skin pulled tight and the excess is removed. Because of the location of the incisions, most of the time, scarring is barely noticeable.

The skin can be pulled up around the hairline to smooth out the forehead and is sometimes coupled with a procedure to bring up the eyebrows or even the eyelid. Incisions around the ears usually come from tightening the skin around the cheeks and jowls, and this is often paired with the incision under the chin to tighten the jaw or neck area.

Removing Wrinkles

Excess skin is one of the reasons that wrinkles form. When that skin is removed and the rest is pulled tighter, the wrinkles disappear. Most people talk to their plastic surgeon about having liposuction in the same area of the face lift. This will make the results more noticeable and add to a younger appearance. If there is a certain area that you are looking to focus on, be sure to mention this to your plastic surgeon. The operation can involve the entire face or just specific parts.

Other Benefits

A face lift isn’t just about looking younger. During this procedure, it is also possible to change parts of your looks that you aren’t happy with. If there are facial features that you want to change, talk with your doctor about how several things can be taken care of at the same time. Remember that for most people, this is a major change. People around you are going to notice that you look different and at the very least wonder why it is that you are looking younger and more well rested.

When you make an appointment with the plastic surgeon, you can find out what type of procedure would be best for you and what it is going to entail. Immediately following the face lift, you may be a little concerned with the way that you look. The bruising and swelling will decrease over time. Every time you look in the mirror, you will notice that you look better and better. BOLA TANGKAS