Facebook Application Development-Business from Consumer’s wall

Facebook is the most populated social media network with the most visible marketing activities. However, businesses still find it difficult to achieve sales volume and direct offline results from Facebook applications. Today, we shall uncover some basic principles regarding how to perform your business activity from the consumer’s wall on Facebook. Keeping in mind that Facebook is a social medium and it belongs to the users from a maximum diversified background, making it all complicated and irreversible once you have put forwards your application online. This means a lot of planning and homework is required for not only the application development but also to achieve your business objectives. Depending upon the nature of the business you can perform many sorts of activities which can lead to a means for an end but it requires expertise. If you lack the expertise it is highly recommend getting professional assistance from a social media agency.

Doing business from consumer’s wall isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of patience and planning and gives results slowly and gradually. Once consumers trust in you, the business can reap its fruit for ages. Doing this is a simple to understand process. This requires a customized application that can perform multiple functions at the same time. The application must be user-centric and must give them some sort of advantage for free and must also be product related. For instance an application for garment business can recommend which color, style or size suits the consumer well. This signifies that consumer interest in the application is very necessary. Furthermore, the product is also very important which attribute you are playing with as it is the core which would generate the lead later.

Embedding the components is with comments and consumer insights are very necessary as most of the applications lose their touch after getting popular. Once the application has access to thousands of people you can play the actual game. Ideally the application should be able to post one notification daily on consumer’s wall. In case of FMCG (fast moving consumers good) twice a day can also be used. The timings can be researched, analyzed and implemented using the mean time of the users of application signing in, peak usage time and sighing out so to gain a maximum visibility.

The notifications must contain call to action appeals regarding the products and offers which must include a mechanism for clicking and getting discounts type offers. This is the final part of evaluation and penetrating the consumers mind without provoking spamming. Once the consumers feel good about it they would naturally market you from their wall. Many marketing strategies including consumer loyalty programs can be launched by using this technique. However, if you make any mistake it would be irrecoverable. To avoid any mistake smart businesses usually take help from social media marketing agencies.

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