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Are you a Brand that is hunting to achieve a competitive benefit over other brands in the very same category? It really is time for you to embrace the increasing social promotional platform like Facebook. We supply your brand new concept &amp implementations that are properly believed by way of and would indeed give you the edge you are searching for. With a team of extremely skilled and experienced consultants, ITCombine is one particular of the very best that you can discover. Facebook provides a amazing platform to construct applications that can offer the viral effect to make your brand well-liked. Facebook applications can be closely integrated with any web sites functionality, therefore providing customers chance to interact with brands more effortlessly.

Facebook’s Social Plugins allow website owners to ’embed’ Facebook connected functionality into their websites, as a result enabling user actions to reflect back on the user’s profile on Facebook. Virality on Facebook can develop extremely quickly if Applications are designed creatively and in a way it engages customers. Engagement on a Facebook application tends to have a long lasting impact as compared to Ads that individuals only see. Here individuals interact and do factors and relate a lot more closely to the Brand. The Apps that we develop are nicely believed of, creative and have top quality content to engage the users.

What we hold in mind when developing a Facebook App:

We have, over the past couple of years’ gained crucial knowledge in creating ( Facebook Application Development ) and consider the following as the winning formula:

1.) Relevance: The Application has to be relevant to the Brand traits, Usages or the essential communications. It tends to make sense to develop a bathroom story for a sanitary brand, whereas, doing the very same for a Soap might not really be a good idea. Soap would do well to speak about beauty, that is what the TG would relate the brand with.

two.) Ease of use: The navigation and flow of the App must guarantee a ease of transition from one particular step to another. The design and style needs to have a balance in the number of screens as well as the quantity of components of Actions on a single web page.

3.) Inventive: The Application demands to be created creatively. Facebook offers the opportunity to render all that we can use on a site on the timeline for the brand. Creative and intelligent use of the cover pic, profile photo and post layouts can give an general engaging knowledge for the guests.

4.) Top quality Content material: Be fresh with your content. Folks like to study fresh content material. Stale and re purposed content material tends to place individuals off. 1 demands to mind it although that some content material like Quotations, Idioms and so forth need to not be altered and provided appropriate credits.

The above four factors, when combined, can make an app go viral instantly. It tends to make each and every sense to launch a Facebook App if you are in B2C company. With our knowledge at ITCombine, we can create the Facebook Apps that will operate for your brand.

ITCombine can boast of expertise in providing diversified solutions at one particular place, with high proficiency. The pool of knowledgeable web design and style specialists can assure elegant and skilled websites which attract and retain guests to generate the profits for clients.We are leaders in Net design and style, Social Network style &amp improvement, Community web portal improvement, e-Commerce Solutions, Custom computer software product development, computer software improvement and other maintenance solutions. ITCombine believes in honoring time deadlines and our professionals are devoted to implementing application projects in time-time soon after time. At ITCombine we combine ‘Intellect’ with ‘Technology’.

ITCombine gives following genre of Facebook Applications:Facebook Timeline for BrandsBrand AwarenessGames/AppsQuizzes &amp TriviaCalendars /EventsGalleries

The Facebook Applications that we develop are:Viral &amp EngagingCreative enough to produce Viral lift for your brand.Modules to handle and view reporting.Seamlessly integrated with your Brand website and micro internet sites.
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