Facebook for Churches – New Facebook a Game-Changer

On March 4th, Facebook announced some main changes. Users began to see this notice at the leading of their “homepage”

Alterations to the Home web page are coming quickly

Understand about the new attributes ahead of time. This is happening soon check out the property page tour now.

It looks like the look and organization of the homepage and wall have gotten yet another makeover.

But Facebook announced an even much more important adjust – to Facebook “pages,” the facet of Facebook made for firms and organizations. This news is a total game-changer for churches.

As announced on the Facebook weblog on March 4th identified at, http://weblog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=57822962130:

Starting today, we are announcing new profiles for public figures and organizations. Once referred to as Pages, these new profiles will now start looking and functioning just like user profiles.

An additional post later in the day gives far more information:

Now, main media outlets like The New York Occasions can use their public profile to share breaking developments that will stream directly into your News Feed… You can connect with organizations like the American Red Cross or Service Nation.

The massive dilemma with Facebook pages up until now has been that they had no interaction with their “fans'” newsfeeds. A individual could become a “fan” of a church, organization, or business, but then there was absolutely nothing to draw that particular person back to the web page. As a result there was nearly no interaction on pages, making them nearly completely useless. What is the point of obtaining “fans” if you never interact with them?

This change to make pages far more like profiles adjustments all that.

Now Facebook pages have a “status” just like individual profiles. When an organization adjustments their status, that change appears in their “fans'” newsfeed, notifying them and providing them the opportunity to comment or click to the organization’s web page.

Facebook did not especially state this in their blog, but I assume the identical will be correct for other web page features. When an organization adds photos, video, links, or notes to their web page, these updates will most likely also appear in their fans’ newsfeed.

I can already see modifications to my church’s Facebook web page.

Pages are now much more like profiles. Update your Web page now.

Pages now appear and behave more like user profiles. You can more very easily publish content to your Page’s Wall and acquire distribution by means of News Feed. Find out about how to take benefit of the new characteristics.

And there is a hyperlink to a new Facebook Pages Guide at http://www.facebook.com/advertising/FacebookPagesProductGuide.pdf.

I am actually pumped about these adjustments! Can’t wait to try them out! In fact, I am gonna do that now and post a lot more later.

I’ve also developed a Facebook web page for OurChurch.Com. Verify it out and become a fan.

What are your thoughts on these modifications at Facebook?

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