Facebook Groups – Start Your Own Group to Connect With Your List and Build Relationships

Creating your own group on the social networking site Facebook will help you to increase your profits. Start a group on your niche topic, using your best keywords in the title for the group.

Add a tagline that states a benefit to those who join, such as some specific information they will receive as a member. When starting and maintaining your group on Facebook, you will want to keep a few things in mind. Take a look at some of the other groups on your niche topic to see what they have to offer the group members.

When people are searching for information, they are not setting out to purchase anything. They just want to know more about a particular topic at that point in time. The idea with creating your group is to have a central place where people can exchange ideas, ask questions, and find resources.

You are the administrator and facilitator of the group, so they are coming to you for all of this. You may want to invite your Facebook friends to join your new group, but only do this once every six months. Everyone is already inundated from a variety of requests to join groups, attend calls, and other types of invitations.

Instead of pushing your information on them, allow those who are interested to pull the information for themselves. This is a web 2.0 concept that works extremely well. Be sure to let your list know that you have started this new group. Offer them an incentive for joining, such as a short report or a teleseminar.

This will help you to build the excitement and buzz that works well on the Internet. On a regular basis, at least once a month, message the group members with new information, updates, and other pertinent details on your niche topic. This is yet another strategy for building your credibility and visibility on the Internet. You want your list to know that you have lots going on, and that you are an expert in your niche.

Spend some time setting up your group, starting several discussion threads, adding appropriate links and resources, and interacting with your group members. This is excellent for connecting with people one on one, and for building a relationship with those people.

As far as social networking sites go, Facebook is one of the most effective. Take some time to learn your way around, and then you will be ready to jump right in.