Facebook – How You Can Skyrocket Your Opt-Ins and Increase Traffic to Your Website

With 250,000 people joining every day, Facebook is fast becoming the HOTTEST ticket in town for online networking. As you may know, attracting and connecting with the RIGHT prospects can be challenging in a crowded marketplace. In this article I share my personal tips and strategies to help you build a successful and lucrative online business network.

Facebook offers an accelerated method for connecting with your target market online. It enables you to network, share ideas, forge joint venture partnerships and also learn from other success minded entrepreneurs from around the globe.

My personal experience of Facebook has been phenomenal. I have built my network to 470%2B business ‘friends’ in less than 2 weeks. I’m getting over 1,000 hits on my website every single day which mean increased sales and my opt-in rate for my e-zine and audio class has tripled… and all of this without having to step away from my desk! Hands up who wants some of that?

To take your first steps towards enhancing your online visibility you must begin by creating a business -centric Facebook profile page. To help you grow your network swiftly I’ve devised some simple fast-track tips to get you started.

1. Who is Your Target Market?

The first point is to consider who you target market is. Are they potential clients? Are they joint venture partners or friends? It’s important that you consider how you will ‘dress’ your profile page. The features that you add should be tailored to the needs and interests of your specific target market.

Consider what photo you will use. Will your profile be more casual or one that is specifically geared toward a business audience? What type of videos will you use? What applications will you add to your profile page to generate your MWR (most wanted response)? All of these elements must reflect your business image and the requirements of your audience.

2. Get The Word Out

Begin by inviting your friends, colleagues and any other business associate to your Facebook page. This can be done simply and quickly by importing your contacts list directly from Outlook or your web based email service. Then send a short personalised message inviting people to join you. This will act as an immediate way to get the word out, grow you ‘friend’s list and let people know that you’re on Facebook.

3. Grow Your Network

The third step is to build a network of people that you have access to at your finger tips. Begin by identifying your ‘dream team.’ Who do you most want to connect with? These are also the people that will serve as a beneficial Circle of Influence. When you’ve compiled your list locate each individual using the search box at the top left hand corner of the page. Then formulate a quick personalised email introducing yourself and how you know of them and request to be added to their friends list. Simple!

For example, I located a number of marketing guru’s that I admire and have followed for many years. Making that connection with them has opened up the door to a plethora of new connections from like-minded entrepreneurs around the world who now wish to forge strategic alliances and joint venture partnerships with me.

4. Schedule Your List Growth

The next step is to work on growing your list on a consistent basis. Schedule some time each day to make a connection with new people. You might start with as little as 10 to 15 minutes every day but my recommendation it to allocate a least 45 minutes to this fantastic lead generation strategy. You will be surprised at just how quickly your contacts will grow and the reward is increased traffic to your website and elevated opt-in rates. As the word gets out people will begin to contact you! Remember I grew my list to 470%2B in less than two weeks. So isn’t it time you gave Facebook a try?

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