Facebook – the New Face of Photographic Marketing & Income Generation – 3 Ways Monetize Your Next Ev

Facebook has not only become the marketing medium of choice for many entrepreneurial minded photographers but several using the system have figured out ingenious ways to use the popular networking website for prospecting  new business as well as converting those prospects into paying clients.

Photographer Monica Sigmon is one such photographer. Sigmon figured out a way to generate a steady stream of prospects for her high end Williamsburg Virginia based portrait studio who because of the economy has been experienced a slow down in appointments.

But instead of focusing on her telephone not ringing she decided take a proactive approach to reinvigorate interest in her services by creating a FREE 10 Minute Portrait Session for Facebook Day in her studio. 

3 Ways To Fill & Monetize Your Studio With Facebook:

1. Do Your Prospecting On Facebook: The best way to do this is to create what is known within the Facebook community as a “Fan Page”. A fan page is very different from your main profile page. Your fan page acts as its self-contained identity and makes it easy for you to collect potential clients for your free live event.

2. Create Albums Within Your Fan Page: Again this is the key! With out this step you might as well not even bother hosting the event. The reason you need an album within your fan page is so you can distribute your client’s photos within this album. The event is coordinated through the Facebook and the finished product is delivered the same way.

3. Monetize Your Event: Remember the key is to draw people to your event by offering a free time limited session; it can be 10 minutes, preferably no more than 20 minutes per client. The idea is get as many quality photos taken in the shortest amount of time. And up sell, up sell, up sell.

The key ingredients here are speed, quality and quantity. The more sessions you book the more energy you create, the more energy you create the more enthusiasm will be felt by all the customers in the room. 

Of course if you’ve done your job well there will be even more photos that your new client will want to purchase and that’s where you make your money. 

The idea here is simple: provide one great image for free; let them sample you and what you can do. And then offer them more great images for a nominal price, perhaps another Facebook profile pic or physical print.

Facebook halts AI experiment after chatbots created a secret language

Facebook halts AI experiment after chatbots created a secret language

Facebook has abandoned an artificial intelligence experiment after two of its robots began talking to each other in their own language.

The social media giant says researchers shut down the so-called chatbots because they wanted them to be able to speak to people.

But the move comes during heightened concerns about the direction of artificial intelligence.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Los Angeles.

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