Facial Lipo – Know the Do’s and Don’ts and the Side Effects

Liposuction is a method that plastic surgeons use in order to get rid of stubborn fatty areas on a person’s body. These are usually exercise resistant areas that have simply not budged. They are areas that are out of balance and unsightly. But what if the unappealing areas are on the face? There’s surely no exercise regime that would enable you to get your face in shape.

What can one do to slim their face? Some people are troubled by excess fat in their cheeks, neck and even their chin. Even though they may have a healthy life style and exercise regularly, their face retains chubbiness and a lack of chiseled good looks. This can greatly affect one’s self esteem, as the face is the first thing others see. A judgment is made with this initial impression which is why it’s so important to have the face be the best it can be.

The procedure of facial liposuction can be the answer. It is a method of inserting a cannula, which is a narrow tube, into tiny incisions and suctioning the excess fatty tissue. In the case of younger patients, this is often done as the sole procedure. In older patients, however, it is more often done in conjunction with various other procedures, such as a facelift or brow lift. At times, cheek or chin implants are added to add the appropriate contours.

Some Dos and Don’ts to remember include:

-Do make sure you go to a reputable physician who has a track record of success with this procedure.
-Do look closely at before and after photos to get a more accurate idea of what can be expected.
-Do maintain a healthy weight before and after the process.
-Do follow all pre-surgery instructions as well as those for a speedy recovery.
-Don’t expect perfection immediately after surgery. It takes a bit of time for the body to resettle itself.
-Don’t take medications, including over the counter types that your physician hasn’t approved for you.
-Don’t forget to do your research about what the method will entail.

All surgical procedures carry some risks that the patient needs to be aware of. Some possible complications for facial liposuction include bloating, infection, or more scarring than predicted. The recovery time, which is usually a bit difficult, can be harder than anticipated. Patients should be in good health initially to be a viable candidate for this surgery. They should also have appropriate elasticity in their skin.

So, one has to do both their homework in research and perform the appropriate self care before and after this surgical way.