Facial Skin Care Using Face Mask

Skin problems aren’t always to the result of ageing, they are often the result of inadequate sleep, hydration or diet and exercise. Many women either succumb to this condition or resort to surgery and expensive treatments. What they dont realize is that they dont have to choose either, there are many ways to make the facial skin firmer, including simple excerises and affordable products such as a beauty face mask.

One of the things you can do is to exercise the facial muscle just like you exercise your arms and legs. One easy exercise that you can do two to three times a day is called Mouth Extension; sit or stand in a relaxed position then tilt your head backward as far back as you feel comfortable. Lift your lower lip over your top lip, then once you have stretched it as far as you can, hold the position for about five seconds. Then repeat this four more times.

Total body exercise also helps in firming up your facial skin. When you exercise, your micro circulation improves, bringing a fresh supply of blood and nutrients to the small veins, making your skin look firmer and fresher.

To ensure that your facial skin stays firm even if you forget to exercise sometimes use a beauty face mask such as the xtra V-Line Life Up mask from www.aistyles.com. The Extra V-Line Life Up Mask moisturizes your skin and supplements your nutritional needs, preserving the firmness of your skin, and restoring it when needed.

Use the Extra V-Line Life Up mask 3 to 4 times a week as follows and you will see and feel the effects in no time:

Thoroughly cleanse and dry your face.
Take out and unfold the V-line mask and apply to your chin.
Hang the neoprene product on your face until you feel strain on your jaw and cheek.
Remove the product after 30-40 minutes.
Leave the essence without washing so as to fully absorb into the skin

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