Facts About the Best Way to Prevent Wrinkles

The best way to prevent wrinkles is not to make facial expressions. Don’t smile. Don’t frown. Don’t laugh. Don’t cry. Did you ever try not moving your face? It’s hard and definitely no fun to live like a zombie.

That’s why people turn to Botox. But Botox, which is derived from deadly botulism, could paralize you if it’s a “bad” batch. It’s rarely happened, but when you think of that poor couple in Flolrida who suffered so much, it makes you cautious. Some neurologists even say there could be long-term effects, so who whats to risk that! It just hasn’t been around long enough so the jury is still out.

Many feel the best way to prevent wrinkles is to tighten up the face with plastic surgery. There are plenty of people thrilled with the results. But plastic surgery is really a drastic measure. We’ve all heard stories about people dying during plastic surgery, either from the anesthesia or a blood clot or who knows what else can go wrong. After all, it’s surgery. Very scary. And you’re never guaranteed of the results.

Fillers are very popular and are certainly an option, though they are expensive and have to be repeated. Many patients are pleased with the results and feel it’s a good alternative to plastic surgery. However there are reports of side effects such as lumps around the injection site. On the sides of the mouth these lumps can remain and look like premature jowls. Definitely not a desired outcome. There have even been reports of dry eyes and dry mouth!

Facial exercises, properly done, can actually tighten muscles. Motivated people say these isometric moves are the best way to prevent wrinkles. You need a lot of discipline to stick with it, but it can pay off. You do have to be careful, though, not to create more creases. It’s a good idea to put on plenty of cream before you start, and check in a mirror to make sure you’re not creating new expression lines.

My best way to prevent wrinkles is to use good anti-aging products. If you find the right cosmetics containing pure ingredients and no chemicals of any kind you can actually take years off your face and body. There are now amazing creams available with CoEnzymeQ10 particles that penetrate way down where you need it most.

Before this new form of CoEnzymeQ10 was discovered, CoQ10 just lay on top of the skin, not doing much good at all. Now that there is a way to make the particles small enough to penetrate seven layers down, your face can be as resilient as a rubber band again. Just like when you were a kid. Even skin that already is sagging can firm up again.

Find a good company that prides itself in making superior anti-aging creams and you will have found the easiest, best way to prevent wrinkles. What could be more simple than washing your face, applying a cream and forgetting about it. Of course you have to do your share by not getting too much sun, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet and exercising. That way you will be in tip top health. When you’re healthy, you look good. Add to the mix a superior anti-aging cream and you will stay looking young for a long, long time.