Facts and Figures About Investment Week

Investment Week has a very good name for its excellent editorial approach and for the coverage which is very authoritative. The weeks magazine has won many awards to its credit. The elite list includes twenty two awards in over a decade. The news paper has been winning the IMA Financial Reporting Team of the Year consecutively for the last 3 years. It has also been winning one of the most prestigious AITC Trade Journalist for the last 5 consecutive Years. The efficient teams of journalists of the week do take the certificate exams like planning certificate exams which are usually taken by many readers of the magazine. The phenomenal success of the magazine has been so great that even now it holds seminars, forums etc for interaction with the readers and for the never ending thirst to improve itself.

The editorial goal of the week is to produce a very good and effective title which captures reader’s mind and interests them to read the content. The newspaper gives the best quality informed content to the intermediary market in the United Kingdom, which helps them greatly to do more business and to offer the best quality service. Investment Week places the content quality and the understanding of its readers as its highest priorities. In order to achieve this, the entire journalist team takes the exams, same as their readers take for becoming a financial advisor. They greatly interact with the readers to know what they really expect from the newspaper.

To be at the top in providing the best to the readers, Investment Week does not go with the usually employed tabloid approach instead it accomplishes the work with a specialized style of approach by giving in depth analysis and with providing great accuracy. The magazine is a news led paper, which concentrates on exclusive stories and breaking news that affect the financial markets and other investment areas to a great extent. This is the secret of success of the Week which resulted in winning many awards.

Investment Week is a strong believer that is not a tax wrap is the most fundamental difference between the product’s success and failure. This is the main reason for more emphasis on fund managers and funds. It also gives enough emphasis on tax structures and great understanding of products as these things also add to the priorities of many clients. So it has developed a great technical base for analyzing the life insurance and pension markets.

From the day Investment Week was launched a decade ago, it has been the most dominant player and undisputed leader in the markets providing services with cutting edge information. It’s authoritative ground breaking coverage and unrivalled editorial quality makes it a necessity to read to master the trends of financial markets.

The Week also has the largest share in the markets in the advertisement sector among all the weekly investment lead trade titles. That is why it has become the number one choice for most of the companies which seek to reach the top in the domain of financial advising. So it would be very wise to follow up with the week to gain good knowledge and earn profits for both the investors and companies.