Faith Paths and Personal Decisions

My walk in faith has had many turns and twists to the place I find myself now. At one point or another I found myself in a pew, confessional or in a sitting position in meditation. Each experience was new and fresh to my mind and deeply personal. At some points it was required to evangelize and at others it was to avoid this practice, depending on the doctrine of the faith I was involved in.

What finally led to my current faith was an interaction with a person online who answered a question that burned in me in each of these places. That question was “what is right for me?”. It is a simple question, but one that is profound to my belief that we all must choose our own path. She answered this by saying “what gives you joy?” and that changed my paradigm.

I thought long and hard about this question to my question. What did give me joy? What was the one thing that gave me peace and happiness? Was it the people I worshiped with? Was it the experience I had while there? Was it the simple or complex relationship I had with whatever deity I chose to follow or not follow? These were hard questions to extrapolate, but I managed to answer this for myself. Its result is that I am at peace and happy in my walk of faith. I no longer feel the need to keep up with anyone, no need to feel awkward asking for others to convert. None of the fear or dread that I once held as being core to my beliefs is present anymore.

In the end it was up to me to decide what was right for me, I chose my own path. Everyone has this right given by whatever he or she chooses. Be it some deity or inner self doing the talking, we all must choose to do what we will do. In the end, we all must be at peace if we are to find our personal joy.