Fame and Fortune is Not All That it Seems to Be

Celebrities have one of the hardest lives to live out there of anyone. When people think of the celebrity lifestyle, they think of living in luxury and dripping with diamonds. The thing is, is that they have to constantly live with pressure, criticism, and worst of all, publicity. Sure, they can easily afford a California term life with California term life insurance in hard times such as these, but you have to ask yourself, would it be really worth it?

Think about what it would be like if people watched you every second of your existence and tried to find out every single one of your personal secrets and facts. This would not be such an easy time, now would it? Think about if you were trying to date someone that was not a celebrity like you. This would be revealed and that person you were dating would eventually be followed just like you. They may get discouraged from this and not want to continue with the relationship. Or an even worse situation would be never knowing whether people were going out with you for the publicity or because they really liked you as a person.

Another thing that is not so easy to deal with in a celebrity’s world would be the constant criticism. It must be so tiring to be constantly bashed on everything they do. Take the president for a great example. He was sitting at a basketball game drinking a beer and the tabloids went crazy with this and portrayed it as some kind of sin to drink even though he was the president of the United States. He is not a bad person in the least bit, in fact he’s probably one of the nicest. It’s just the fact that he was the president and he was drinking an alcoholic beverage and the press ran wild with the story making people believe it was a bad thing.

Celebrities also have a lot of pressure weighing them down every second of their lives. They are pressured to be fit, slim, beautiful, and up to date with all the latest fashion and news. They probably don’t get much time to rest ever and are constantly worn out. If a celebrity were to show up somewhere wearing even a slightly outdated outfit, they would be criticized so much and it would be all over the magazines for more people to criticize.

Being a celebrity is not as easy as it looks. Many people yearn for the celebrity world and the riches that come along with it, but they often overlook the fact that they would be constantly watched, detailed, and criticized. Many people underestimate how hard the real world of a celebrity is and they just automatically assume that it would be the best thing ever. They are wrong though because they should try it for one day and find out that this is not how it really is and it is a lot more work than it seems.